A Face With No Future Poem by David Harris

A Face With No Future

Rating: 4.8

I look in the mirror,
and what do I see?
A face with no future,
stares out at me.
On the table, a glass and a bottle,
of my favourite poison.
When I was young,
I drank to be alive.
Now all I do,
is drink to survive.
My eyes bloodshot,
filled with vacant stare.
My face goes unshaven,
but what do I care?
My bottle is now empty,
quickly replace with one full.
Soon it will be empty,
just like this fool.
Family and friends fled.
My eyes were blind.
All they could see,
was another drink,
in front of me.
My legs get unsteady.
I stagger instead of walk.
A bottle wrapped in paper,
gripped tightly by my hand.
My clothes grow dirty,
as days and nights combine.
A smile is frozen,
on this face of mine.
My arm flex out,
when I stumble to the ground.
Faces look down at me,
expressions display my waste.
I just hold my smile,
as I lay there in their midst.
At least my bottle,
didn’t break,
on my fall from grace.
Time for another drink,
raise bottle to my lips.
Liquid trickles down my throat,
and still my smile remains,
as silly as it can be.
The faces disappear.
Everyone has gone now.
Like family and friends,
they all desert.
I lay there on my own.
For no one wants to take,
a drunk home.

25 Jan 2007

Emily =) 11 February 2007

wow, you show such an understanding to this delicate subject, your choice of words were great. An absoloute pleasure to read. Emma

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Francesca Johnson 20 February 2007

You've put the reader right inside the body of a drunk, we can hear what he's thinking and feel the apathy and desolation and loneliness....a brilliant piece of writing, David. Top marks. Love, Fran xxx

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I can relate to this very well from the past. The kind of thing I wrote to myself indeed. Apart from the shaving bit of course! Having others relate.... the mark of a fine poet. t x

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 11 March 2007

This was me in my younger days, thank god i saw the light before it was too late, and i changed my fate... David

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Lisa Wilkinson 30 March 2007

I agree with the comments on this one David and I think you definately have a future with your poemhunter pals. Like having you here. Will also look out for your new stuff. Cheers

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Sally Plumb Plumb 26 April 2015

A full confessional. Try my offering of Too Old Thanks and take care.

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Guy Lip-more 21 April 2013

Simple and stark description of a fellow human and their plight. very good write.

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V F 04 January 2008

what a narration! made me hold my breath when 'He fell from grace' and burst out laughting when he exulted that 'At least my bottle didn’t break! '

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Indira Babbellapati 17 May 2007

it was a chance reading and no regrets...didn't i like the simple way it's written...i do understand every bit of it right from 'a face with no future/stares out at me...' indira

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Caroline Morton 13 May 2007

Having a friend who is an alcoholic and was given 6 months over a year ago, you have described them perfectly. As for more comments, I think everyone else has said it already. Well done

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