Faded Love Letters Poem by David Harris

Faded Love Letters

Rating: 4.7

An old shoe box under the bed,
filled with mementoes of years gone by.
Faded love letters stained with tears,
I used to cry.
They tell of the joy I knew one spring,
of laughter and fears.
And of the love we said would remain,
throughout our growing years.
The spring is gone and so are you;
the letters are all that remain,
of the love we once knew,
in that far off spring.

14 Nov.1978

Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2007

Bringing home those golden years, though tinged with sadness, there was much light yes? Love duncan X

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Martin Swords 29 July 2007

Lovely poem, stands the test of time. Love letters, and Poetry, never die.

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Raymond Wright 22 August 2007

Ahh, the longing of love lost and the bittersweet memories we thought had been lost. A touching and beautiful piece. ~ Ray

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Nomi Mas 26 January 2008

straight from the heart. moving write.

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Kyle Melendrez 06 April 2009

My favorite poem: D......................................................................................... this deserved its award

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Tri'ky 13 July 2021

Lovely. We first make a try, but memories makes us cry yet our lost souls never die.

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Stars Tell 23 December 2016

i had to tear it away though it remains in heart and mind, lol

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Elisabeth Wingle 10 August 2015

Beautiful and true. Many of us have that box, it may not be under the bed, but you can be sure it is tucked away somewhere, even if it's only in our minds.

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Kranthi Pothineni 31 October 2009

Memories of fade love is capture well in this write.

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Allenika ... 25 August 2009

this speaks from heart to heart. maybe the days are far gone, but the memories live forever. sad and lovely. i love this poem... many thanks to you, David.

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David Harris

David Harris

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