A Star Fell From Heaven Poem by David Harris

A Star Fell From Heaven

Rating: 4.7

A birthday poem for my wife

A star fell from heaven
Into my arms last night
As we walked arm in arm
Under a cloudy moonlight
Now heavens missing an angel
Because I’m holding her tight

You came into my life
Like the first ray of the sun
And I knew right away
That you were the one
There were no need for words
Just a small simple smile

My heart fluttered
With coming of the dawn
Because like the stars
I hoped you wouldn’t be gone
I wanted you there at my side
As each day fades to into night

I wanted you here
As my lover and wife
Your not going back
I won’t let you go
I love you too much
To ever let you go

Alison Smith 15 March 2007

Such a lucky star to have fallen for a true knight.... Alison

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Jim Foulk 16 March 2007

David this was a very beautiful piece of poetry, it touched my heart deeply. your wife is lucky to have some one as you to write such a poem to her, but your probley saying that it is you who are lucky, a great poem.

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Melvina Germain 18 March 2007

Quite lovely David, another wonderful tribute to your precious wife. This poem is touching, expressive and fine. Naturally a big (10) from me, Thankyou for sharing David---Melvina---

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Marci Made 18 March 2007

Absolutely magnificent~~~~~~~~~~how fortunate you are to have found each other~~~~~~~~~I know you know, how rare such a love is.....I wish your wife a belated 'Happy Forever Young Day, ' and I wish you both many, many more years of love shared together.............(tears here....) marci.m.

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Madly In Love 20 March 2007

david ur wife must have loved this poem

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Soumita Sarkar 17 July 2015

A rising angel...and ever shining star...true lovers response......Thanks

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Melvina Germain 12 June 2015

David, my brother this poem is a delight to read and what a lovely tribute to the woman you love. I love this David.....

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Ken E Hall 11 February 2010

Very nice indeed all the way from heaven so its keeps for you enjoyed my first time at your page++++++10 regards

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Phats Li 30 July 2007

she's loved..great piece

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Meggie Gultiano 05 July 2007

this is a very romantic piece again, David! You have pictured this very well in words. You did justice to your wife in expressing your love to her! Oh, i really love this, that i want to embrace all the words and dream and dream!

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