A Tree Speaks Out! Poem by Dr John Celes

A Tree Speaks Out!

Rating: 4.1

I’m born from seed within the earth,
That’s watered by the sky;
And once the sun bathed me with heat,
Lo! I’m a seedling made.

I drink by roots that prop like feet,
And breathe through leafy pores;
I cook my food in green ‘kitchens’;
God’s love helps me to grow.

And I can feel like any man;
I give all - breeze and shade;
I give myself to men and beasts;
Why then, they destroy me?

May be, like men I can’t reason,
But I can never sin;
I am a dumb creature of God;
A soul, He never gave!

But I don’t fight and I can’t kill,
And I don’t steal, tell lies;
I do my duty as God bids;
I’ll praise Him on ‘LAST DAY’!

Copyright by Dr John Celes

Sandra Fowler 12 January 2006

This is a charming poem. it flows with music as well as meaning.Trees bring pleasure to the eyes and comfort for the soul.. Regards, Sandra Fowler

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Theresa Rayman 03 April 2006

What a clever verse! I myself am passionate about green growing things (I work in the gardening field) . I think trees are an example of God's most magnificent work. I think this is exactly what they might say if they could. Nice work! Blessings! -TGR(Theresa)

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Raul Castelan 23 June 2007

Who really knows what things that don't have souls feel like, but you really captured me here. I now wonder what other things in nature feel like. CAPTIVATING PIECE OF WORK! ! !

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Rajeswari A V 28 August 2006

This is an innocent poem. It seemed to me as if the baby plant was talking to me.

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Dan Tharp 11 May 2006

yes... they do praise God! dan

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Joyce Chelmo 19 April 2006

I've been accused of loving trees more than people... I absolutely love this poem. Joyce

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Duncan Wyllie 07 April 2006

What a wonderful poem, the way that you have used the expressions in this is brilliant.For each there is a purpose. You are very tallented, love Duncan

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