A Tribute To My Father - Rabbi Dr Solomon Goldman Z.S.L. Poem by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

A Tribute To My Father - Rabbi Dr Solomon Goldman Z.S.L.

As a child grows up he/she is taught to do Right;
To Love and Respect his/her Parents, his/her Elders and all those who are about him/her;
To Fear G D; To have Trust and Faith and Seek Peace;
To go through Life Tranquil, Calm, and Serene;
To show Compassion and not Hate;
To Prize the Simple Things in Life;
Not to search for Riches whilst Neglecting People;
Not to Hurt People by Acts Performed or Words Spoken in Ignorance or Anger;
Not to Persecute others because of their Views, their Nationality or the Colour of their Skin
For We are ALL the Children of G D.

Often it is only in later life that, if we are lucky, we can acknowledge the Great Gift our Parents have bestowed upon us, that of LIFE. They have given of themselves to show us the Right Paths. We are often not aware until too late of their Great Sacrifices, nor do we make enough time to reward them properly for their trouble.

At this time, whilst my Father is so ill, I put these lines to paper. I now fully realise what he has taught me, and although it is now too late to tell him, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. My Actions, like those of many children, have not always been up to his expectations. If I have hurt or offended him in any way, I am sorry.

The way he lived his life and showed others the way will be forever ingrained in me.

'To Live each Day to the best of One's ability in the Service of Almighty G D and of his/her Fellows must surely be the Duty of Mankind; To Make Peace and Not War; To Turn the other Cheek, or To Lose an Argument for the sake of a Peaceful Existence is not Cowardice but takes Great Fortitude.'

[Author's Note: Rabbi Goldman (z.s.l.) passed away in Netanya, Israel on 23rd June 1991. This Tribute was written a week earlier, and after his death, it seemed a fitting piece to be used as a Tribute to his life and memory. ]

Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman ~ [JGthepoet] ~ 17th June 1991.

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