A Virtuous Woman(Part2)

A virtuous woman, She is the proverbs 31 woman as described by the bible, this is seen in her actions towards her husband, respect she never loses, she always remember and does what her bible tells her to and that is to always be submissive to her husband even as he still has a task of always loving and respecting her also.
She is not a woman defined by fashion, she is that good and well cultured woman.
She is not that woman that is so lazy as a snail, She is that woman that wakes up daily early in the morning to do her household chores.
She is not that woman that walks in disgrace, she is a woman that has moved the walk and talked the walk, she has walked from grass to glory.
She is not that curse that families ever regret having, She is a blessing admired by many.
She never stands as a worst creature to the world; She is that great woman that stands as a Guardian angel to every person around her.
She has no time of finding a blesser to bless her because she has a man whom she loves from deep down her heart.
She is a woman who does not just stand by her man, but that woman who stands with her man and helps him archives his goals.
She is the reason why he does not want to love again, but she is the reason why they say to every successful man, there must be a supporting woman.
She is a virtuous woman; she is a prayerful woman and never is she playful.
She is a woman that believes, she truly believes that prayer can change things, she always has that conviction in her heart that prayer can move mountains.
She is never that selfish woman, she is a selfless woman who cherishes and cares for everyone around her,a virtuous woman is never found swimming in the world of gossips, Instead of gossips, she replaces them with good talks about others.she believes that gossips are a contributing factor to the conflicts around the globe.
She will not forget to praise God in everything that that she does, she will thank him in everything she goes through. No matter how rough the situation she will not blame him because she believes he has a better purpose for her life.
She dresses accordingly to make her man proud and not only does she do this to make him proud but also because she believes in modesty. She integrates in a good way Christianity and the good norms of culture and tradition. She makes God as her driver throughout her journey.
A virtuous woman cannot be compared to any currency as she is more than that, No amount of money or wealthy can buy her because she is more than any material wealthy and her love and care are very rich and they never depreciates like the kwacha.
She has the humility within herself, when her family is hurt so is she, when her friends are in pain so is she. The virtuous woman will train her siblings, children and the people around her to grown In the right path and to do the right things at the right time.
Every lady ought to be like a virtuous woman. You will never find her clubbing because she believes she has better responsibilities to carry out than being found in the awkward place, the club, pub or bar. She is a role model to everyone and a woman every man will proudly say ‘I am blessed with this lady'
My plea to every woman is, be that virtuous woman in everything that you do because God also recommends that you be that virtuous woman, He wants you to be Christ like and do those things he has commanded you to, not just on women's day but throughout your lives, so my dearest women out there are you that virtuous woman?
Happy Women's day