A Visit To The Asylum Poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay

A Visit To The Asylum

Rating: 3.1

Once from a big, big building,
When I was small, small,
The queer folk in the windows
Would smile at me and call.

And in the hard wee gardens
Such pleasant men would hoe:
"Sir, may we touch the little girl's hair!"—
It was so red, you know.

They cut me coloured asters
With shears so sharp and neat,
They brought me grapes and plums and pears
And pretty cakes to eat.

And out of all the windows,
No matter where we went,
The merriest eyes would follow me
And make me compliment.

There were a thousand windows,
All latticed up and down.
And up to all the windows,
When we went back to town,

The queer folk put their faces,
As gentle as could be;
"Come again, little girl!" they called, and I
Called back, "You come see me!"

Gabrielle A. Macdonald 22 January 2007

Tender, sweet, counters all the 'asylum' stereotypes of the time.

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John Hardesty 02 July 2013

One feels maybe too, O Edna was among her peers!

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Karen Sinclair 20 February 2014

Sad at the thought of so many lattice windows but love the gentle appreciation of youth.

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John Richter 24 November 2014

What a wonderfully angelic poem about a little girls fond and innocent memories. Oh how sweet dear Edna must have been. I'm sad that decades separate us for I would have much enjoyed her company........

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Brian Jani 16 May 2014

Well writtem poem edna

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* Sunprincess * 16 May 2014

..........oh this is very nice....truly enjoyed this write..

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Colleen Courtney 16 May 2014

So sweet and innocent. Nice rhythm.

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Meaghan Feerick 27 February 2014

the innocence at the end almost hurts.

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