A Walk In The Woods With Robert Frost Poem by Martin Swords

A Walk In The Woods With Robert Frost

Rating: 4.1

Overcast but warm,
The day dry, unusually.
Walking the woods with the dogs
As many times before.
Lucy and Tig, away in the rough dark deep,
Yipping with the scent of deer, excited.
Ruby, river scrambling, biting
At the bogwater, wagging, from the shoulders back

Along the old familiar track, into
The clearing where the roads diverge.
I stopped and stood. Which way to go?
Think of another Poet, and roads not taken.
Yes, I’ve been here before. This way I came.
That way I saw a squirrel once.
And down that way a badger
Straight on, the Mill Pond where ducks dabble.
Behind me then a stag, stares my way, and
Startled, slips into the wood.
I think again of Robert Frost and look a different way.
I stand a while. I turn, retrace my steps, recall, relive,
I’ll write this down, and this will be
The road I’ve taken.

James B. Earley 30 August 2008

My friend.....in the company of Robert Frost...it's more of a journey....than a walk! Excellent composition>

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Indira Renganathan 24 July 2009

Every one likes Robert Frost....you've fared very well....kindly read my poem 'Thank you Mr.Robert Frost'....thank you

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Teresa Dearing 02 April 2009

Lovely, Robert is a fav of mine and you have captured his essence in this poem. Tks for sharing your walk. T

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Sandra Fowler 03 October 2008

Very evocative. Robert Frost is a favorite poet of mine. I think you have captured his mood very nicely. Thank you for a very fine walk in the woods. Warm regards, Sandra

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Shirley Woods 26 July 2009

Hi Martin, Really like this - favourite poem learnt by heart in school - long ago. Still remember all the words though! ! Absolutely lovely take on it and something that wouldn't have occurred to me, Best wishes

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jhuzzie ** 29 December 2011

nice poem :) , i wonder how can you do this kind of poem. I wnt 2 compose a poem, but how? : -)

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Smoky Hoss 01 July 2011

Wonderful poem, very enjoyable.

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Alexander Kumin 11 May 2011

You can tell that you're a poet. It's good to see a decent poem among loads of highly rated, but artless, attempts.

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Neha Agarwal 02 July 2010

hey....nice poem. u ve a deep sense of poetic art

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Terri Turrell 18 November 2009

Hello Martin, You do this great Frost write justice. I like this spin. Kudos!

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Martin Swords

Martin Swords

Tiglin, Wicklow, Ireland
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