A Wife Consoled By Her Husband's Arrival Poem by Confucius

A Wife Consoled By Her Husband's Arrival

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Cold is the wind, fast falls the rain,
The cock aye shrilly crows.
But I have seen my lord again;--
Now must my heart repose.

Whistles the wind, patters the rain,
The cock's crow far resounds.
But I have seen my lord again,
And healed are my heart's wounds.

All's dark amid the wind and rain,
Ceaseless the cock's clear voice!
But I have seen my lord again;--
Should not my heart rejoice?

Upendra Upm 26 July 2017

cold wind, rain, daytime dark in our childhood, we use it to go out and run under the sky. Now in a city, it is too urbanised now.and lot many entertainment gadgets.like TV etc. That time, nature was perplexing, God was vehemently present due to absence of science. His enumeration of lovable agents, cold wind, rain and overcast sky(we feel a kind of security in an overcast sky) , as if it is a cement roof, , thunder, lightening is not included, icecubes falling from sky, rooster singing is also a good thing,

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Ratnakar Mandlik 07 February 2017

Should not my heart rejoice? A pertinent question. Thanks for sharing.

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Susan Williams 18 January 2016

Don't get mad at me but am I the only one who reads this poem set amid the cold winds and the rains and the grey skies and the rooster's cry and keeps returning to that last phrase- -Should not my heart rejoice? .. It doesn't sound like her heart is rejoicing to me. Sounds like she has doubts praying on her.

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* Sunprincess * 18 January 2016

.......very nice...when her husband returns from a long trip...a wife's joy and happiness is uncontainable ★

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