A Winter Daybreak Above Vence Poem by James Arlington Wright

A Winter Daybreak Above Vence

Rating: 3.4

The night's drifts
Pile up below me and behind my back,
Slide down the hill, rise again, and build
Eerie little dunes on the roof of the house.
In the valley below me,
Miles between me and the town of St.-Jeannet,
The road lamps glow.
They are so cold, they might as well be dark.
Trucks and cars
Cough and drone down there between the golden
Coffins of greenhouses, the startled squawk
Of a rooster claws heavily across
A grove, and drowns.
The gumming snarl of some grouchy dog sounds,
And a man bitterly shifts his broken gears.
True night still hangs on,
Mist cluttered with a racket of its own.

Now on the mountainside,
A little way downhill among turning rucks,
A square takes form in the side of a dim wall.
I hear a bucket rattle or something, tinny,
No other stirring behind the dim face
Of the goatherd's house. I imagine
His goats are still sleeping, dreaming
Of the fresh roses
Beyond the walls of the greenhouse below them.
And of lettuce leaves opening in Tunisia.

I turn, and somehow
Impossibly hovering in the air over everything,
The Mediterranean, nearer to the moon
Than this mountain is, Shines. A voice clearly
Tells me to snap out of it. Galway
Mutters out of the house and up the stone stairs
To start the motor. The moon and the stars
Suddenly flicker out, and the whole mountain
Appears, pale as a shell.

Look, the sea has not fallen and broken
Our heads. How can I feel so warm
Here in the dead center of January? I can
Scarcely believe it, and yet I have to, this is
The only life I have. I get up from the stone.
My body mumbles something unseemly
And follows me. Now we are all sitting here strangely
On top of sunlight.

Sylvia Frances Chan 14 November 2021

Most deserving Modern Poem Of The day 5 Stars full Haunting imagery but fantastically worded. A true enjoyable read

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Chinedu Dike 12 November 2021

Beautiful poem with vivid imagery.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 November 2021

A magnificent poem beautifully written with compelling imagery.

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Susan Williams 11 December 2015

I have such an admiration for this poetm James Arlington Wright, he can write a short story or a novel in the guise of a poem and take us places where we never wanted to go and teach us things about life we need to understand before we go another day longer

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Bronze Peak 01 August 2007

It's much appreciated for anyone to tell me the meaning of the word 'ruck' here?

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