A Word To Lemuel Poem by Hannington Mumo

A Word To Lemuel


Give not in to the adamant lore of the aged,
War against fixative ideologies ought to be waged;
Geeks of routine reason must the door to see,
For times have proven wrong the discipline of ages,
To which like tick old folks do cling.

Struggle to make it to home from the city’s trance,
And fight on since for you their must be a chance;
At least a pat on the walker’s back
By the Lord who for long has watched him trek.

Little man continue helping your mum to ‘‘carry on in the farm’’,
In faith undeterred continue writing poetry during the night;
Who knows what the music of heavenly realms
Might bring to you in their errands of Nature?

Beware of that little mad maid named Statira,
For she may land you into something more bizarre
Than the nauseating stench of a Bostonian prison,
And send your beloved mum’s heart sorrowing!

Allotey Abossey 14 June 2015

As a poet I see great expressions of wit and an excellent flow of wisdom displayed in this your poem. God bless you for sharing

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Michael Walkerjohn 10 January 2015

Aloha Hannington... Jambo! I must give this abet to you... you have tried to make this rather solemn consciousness a bit of fun... re: The opening verse of Proverbs 31 reads: The words of king Lemuel. The vision wherewith his mother instructed him. The name occurs again in verse 4: Give not to kings, O Lemuel, give not wine to kings... The discourse, which is an exhortation to chastity, justice, mercy and temperance, appears to end with verse 9, but might continue through the end of the book. Nothing else is found in scriptures concerning Lemuel aside from these two mentions in beginning of Proverbs 31. Jewish legend identifies him as Solomon, taking this advice from his mother Bathsheba; but there is no clear evidence for that. ah, so, the words above are not mine... some rather quick research on the nom of the title and this King... was shorted his stature to a few words and then nothing more, or never more, quoth whom? Some thing akin to the Committe of Five, funny only three of those men made the history books... look it up... find out why... Allow me to seer your seeings herein: just a moment, the coffee is on! By the sound of your voice. I could tell you were dishonest in the dark, ... some line this is! Give to the adamant lore of the aged fixative ideologies ought to be waged reason must the door to see for times have proven the discipline of ages to which folks do cling Struggle from the city’s trance since for you there must be a chance at least a pat on the back the Lord for long has watched you trek man; continue to ‘‘carry on in the farm’’ with undeterred poetry written during the night; you know the music of heavenly realms brings from you to nature beware of that maiden’ ‘S’ for it is something more bizarre than a week in a Bostonian prison and beloved mum’s sorrowing! I guess you could say that this is an old Layman' view from oer the pond! You do throw down some good lines though... and take my word for this... your bio is a bust... get real with it and be ever truthful and not so boasting... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaew1two

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