Frankie Renae

Rookie (Aug 30,1988 / Nebraska)

A Year In Us - Poem by Frankie Renae

So, this is how it goes
You forced me to find in you
Another boy that I can't tell the truth
About how I feel or what is real
And I hope you get her
I hope you make it real good
Cauz you're letting go of a lot you should
Not, but hold on to, like me and you
Cauz you put this notion
In my head and fell away
Came back, but I thought you were there to stay
And ya disappear; questions I fear
For all the things I fear
You used to tell me to ask
So, here we go, tell me, what's in our past?
Was it ever there, friends or true care?
Answer me for real now
Was I just a girl to chase?
Or d'you know what you saw passed through my face?
You stupid best friend, is this the end?
Why'd it have to be you, date
Do you recall smiles, before loss fate?
Used to be able to talk to you
Before we had to play
This hard-to-get game, ya know?
But now everything's just up for the show
Are you thinking behind those black eyes?
I'm so tired of this
Of all this I-don't-knowing
All this stepping forward and back-going
Are you just wearing a disguise?
Screaming that you want me
Then falling back into friends
Will our so vintage charade ever end?
Will we ever become something more?
Do you really want me?
Am I just a girl to hold?
Will you ever let those old feelings fold?
So us can overcome me and you
Are you telling the truth?
What's taking your mind this time?
We're close enough for me to read your signs
And they're telling me you're in thought-mode
So, are you letting go?
Or are you wishing for more?
Cauz you're holding me like it's me for sure
But speaking just friends and other girls
And it's crazy, our world
Where I feel your emotions
And you can read my mind like own notions
Everything in us was honesty
I miss it honestly
All the things we had going
I know we were never meant for knowing
Cauz it'd be crazy if we weren't
Stand, fall, or be too strong
When did you become that boy?
The one that I can't tell everything, annoy?
I just miss the innocence and fun
Breathe and sigh, that was us

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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