Aaahhh.....Emptiness! ! ! Poem by reinalie jorolan

Aaahhh.....Emptiness! ! !

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Deep….so very deep
A whirlpool of silvery grief
Turning and turning
‘til everything is as if
a sinking pirate’s ship…

Crumbling by the minute,
Longing for the sunset’s kiss,
Too arrogant is this ghastly space
Pulling my soul downwards,
downwards to this sordid mess….

What is this, that even a lover’s touch
Cannot seal the tiniest crevice of its walls?
Everything its doing,
Is slamming on me its deathly iron doors…

I once heard the darkness whispered....
“it’s emptiness…your emptiness…”
Oh but really? ? ? Does it have a heart at all,
To where sorrow may bring it into a sudden stall?

Oh LOVE come…come hold me really tight
Do give me comfort through out this downward flight...

Reinalie Jorolan 29 November 2020

Hello Friends I no longer have access to this account, so I created another one to let you know.I also want to migrate my early poems to Instagram. Please meet there in the Instagram platform.Please find and follow me at #my.gypsyheart.poetry. I still write many of my life and love confessions in my recent work. cheers Reinalie Jorolan

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Joscephine Gomez 04 June 2007

A clever way of expressing your exasperation or, perhaps, diaappointment. But if you see emptiness at the right time and get to its realisation the right way- in the manner taught by the Buddha - it can not be other than wonderful. When we understand that all is illusion - including the self - we will stop being bothered by the absence of many things. I can see that you view emptiness here from the perspective of one who still craves for some kind of samsaric pleasure.You'll be happier when you rise above this and you have my best wishes.

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reinalie jorolan

reinalie jorolan

Ozamiz city, Philippines
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