(aab) Your Kingdom At Your Command? ? ? Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aab) Your Kingdom At Your Command? ? ?

Rating: 2.2

A homely lady so queer so lonely but able to pretend
Pretending to be a lady for everything but wanting
Wanting on her miserable partner less life
Pretending life so full to her but walks always empty

Material things maybe? she has but can’t buy happiness
Happiness she wants but fate seems so far away to give
Far away she drifts and compensate and harass others
Other brethren suffer and avoids the publicity to retaliate

Who are you strange and queer lady?
You have a venom that can paralyze your prey like your brethren
Who could have brought you down on earth with a plague
So strange of your unethical behavior unbecoming at that

Her life full of disappointments and frustrations what a pity?
Can she blame the fate that makes her so?
Puzzled and awe brethren lost all their ways avoid taking the roads
Obliterate and blot out their traces for that camaraderie what a waste!

Only for this pervert ruthless and pretending lady with a vile
Curse be with you, Curse be with you all! It’s not you
Yes it’s not you that will make us your beck and call
We are not your mere follower in Your kingdom at your Command

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