(aaa) A Year For For Striving And Not For Sighing Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) A Year For For Striving And Not For Sighing

Rating: 2.6

The year has ended (2011) a new year has to stay for awhile
A lot of guessing and feeling what the new year has to offer
Two people has to exist and will try to walk the ropes
The optimists and the pessimists will make their way to tread

The optimists with their minds set to create positive trends
While the pessimists anchor their spirits and minds so low
Both have their basis but who's to follow to ford a trend
Was it the negative omen of last year or the bright hopes of today?

Life is very real...people come and go...people born and die...
A lot of mix feelings to ponder and a lot of what ifs to consider
You get tired thinking and anticipating what will happen today
Even thinking and worry what will happen to you few years hence

But for sure you know exactly where you are going now and then
Not a guessing game but for sure feeling is worse than knowing
You live that long with the numbers of medicines you are taking
You can feel how sharp or dull is your mind and accept it now

There's no escape or to amass wealth to buy the fountain of youth
But instead go on with life with courage, happiness and acceptance
Always treat present and coming years with hope and sweet smiles
Always tomorrow will be gone but always too, live with it with faith

This is a real happening, we are all getting older, and weaker
We become physically powerless but compensate it with power of mind
Feel the comforts of your life with someone you love on your side
After all this is an age of striving and not an age for sighing

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