(aaa) We Both Say 'I Love You' Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) We Both Say 'I Love You'

Rating: 2.5

I feel cold but when you are around I feel warm
I feel sad but with you at my side I feel animated
But that was before when you left me alone and adrift
But how could you do such a cruelty that you've left me

I ponder many times and look back I don't have the answer
I cried a river hid my face in my pillow and ask myself why?
Why you left me with somebody taking my place in your heart?
Why can't I find the reason why you suddenly shifted to him

All the while I thought I'm the only man in your life
All the while it's only me that could make you happy
Now I'm lost, cold and tired asking where are you now?
Now I can't find and pick up the pieces my world turn upside down

Where are you my baby? Now I can't sleep thinking of you
Where are our vows? That you said you will not leave me
It's hard to think that you're actually gone, no more on sight
It's me now alone but everything on sight is your memory

Now the rain always follow me every where I go and stop
Now those rain are my tears while I'm looking for you
Suddenly while thinking and crying for you, there's a knock
Suddenly I stood up open the door with tears in my eyes

There is you standing so gorgeous, so beautiful, voluptuous you
There is you my sweet lady with tears in your eyes crying like a baby
You utter those sweet words, much awaited words saying I'm sorry
You sink in my chest, I caress you tight and we both say "I love you"

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 31 January 2012

Why do you write a poem for a person who hurt you this hard? Betrayal is a sickening lesson, but once you are infected, you may be immune to such bugs...

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