Edwin Alba Empestan

Rookie (JULY 2,1954 / PHILIPPINES)

Edwin Alba Empestan Poems

1. (aag) Mushroom Of Doom 10/27/2007
2. (aaq) A Lovely Lass 6/12/2008
3. (aad) Red Planet 6/13/2008
4. (aak) The Men And The Drosophilas 6/13/2008
5. (aah) You Are The One 6/13/2008
6. (aal) The Four Seasons In My Life 6/13/2008
7. (aac) What A Pity 6/21/2008
8. (aaa) Just Follow... The Beating Of Your Heart 7/15/2008
9. (aaa) The Seer 1/2/2009
10. (aab) For Tomorrow Is Gone 1/20/2009
11. (aab) Why Are Things Go So Fast And Gone? 1/20/2009
12. (aaa) The Worst Is Yet To Come 11/23/2009
13. (aaa) Reach Out For A Friend 11/23/2009
14. (aaa) Live Longer Stay Away From Doctor 11/30/2009
15. (aaa) To My Lost God Son (Raymund Anthony De Torres) 3/16/2010
16. (aaa) Mother's Tears 4/3/2010
17. (aaz) Pettifogger Are You? 7/4/2008
18. (aaa) Winter In The New England 2/10/2011
19. (aaa) A Changing World 12/24/2011
20. (aaa) There Is Always An End 2/21/2012
21. (aaa) Eros Of A Man In Love 6/3/2013
22. (aaa) When You'Re Back 2/8/2011
23. (aaa) Yourself... And A Belief 7/15/2008
24. (aam) Priests Are They For Real? 10/20/2007
25. (aaf) Let Us Brace Ourselves As 'One' 6/11/2008
26. (aap) Mother 9/29/2007
27. (aao) Love Never Ends 9/29/2007
28. (aaa) Youthfulness - A Passing Scene 10/28/2007
29. (aab) Vindictive - You Devil! 7/2/2008
30. (aaj) Not In My Dream 9/29/2007
31. (aaa) Christmas, Is It? ? ? 1/1/2009
32. (aaa) Always 'He' Is With You 7/15/2008
33. (aaa) Women Why I Cannot Forget Them? 1/3/2012
34. (aaa) A Year For For Striving And Not For Sighing 1/2/2012
35. (aaa) We Both Say 'I Love You' 1/31/2012
36. (aab) Your Kingdom At Your Command? ? ? 7/2/2008
37. (aaa) Law Of The Beasts 8/17/2008
38. (aaa) Home At Last 7/16/2008
39. (aaa) How Soon? 9/20/2008
40. (aai) Pangarap Mo, Noon At Ngayo’y Bangungot Mo 6/13/2008

Comments about Edwin Alba Empestan

  • T. Alfred Norman (12/7/2008 6:29:00 PM)

    My friend, tis I, keep searching for that reason to write. It is sincerely something spiritual and altogether walled off from the world, but still it is always deriving, always analyzing, always inspiring the muse within you from with out.

    May I recommend the poet, RAINER MARIA RILKE he has influenced my poetry through his verse and his notations of reality, and I think you would enjoy his works as well.

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Best Poem of Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) Sojourner

Walking through the lives we tread
Mostly unknown where the final destination
Amidst the complexities of an abyss materialism
Perflexed and chagrined by the question

What lies below the Hades where souls abound
Will they continue to rot forever and be helpless
Once arrogantly displayed invulnerability
Fearless, daring and unabashed careless fool

One day will succumbed for your arrogance
Then that is the time you'll have to say
You're a sojourner in a world of hypocrites
Where shameless world and rotten fools abound

Yes sojourner and vulnerable ...

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(aao) Love Never Ends

Come let us make love together
To consummate our desire together
To release what's inside of us
That always burns like fire

Together we sail into the vast seas
So turbulent and strong we made strokes
We push to the limit and gasp for breath
Prolonging the desire to reach each other

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