Edwin Alba Empestan Poems

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(aaa) Another Day, Another Love And Coffee

As I wake up one shiny and happy morning on our soft and silky bed
With the birds singing sweetly, their lovely songs and bees buzzing
On a lovely garden of colorful flowers beside our window
Winds strongly blowing the green grass smelling fresh and invigorating

(aaa) Sojourner

Walking through the lives we tread
Mostly unknown where the final destination
Amidst the complexities of an abyss materialism
Perflexed and chagrined by the question

(aai) Pangarap Mo, Noon At Ngayo’y Bangungot Mo

Ako si Juan De la Cruz malusog na isinilang
Lumaki ng husto sa alaga at aruga ng aking mga magulang
Ang tatay ko’y pangkaraniwang anluwagi at magsasaka
Ang nanay ko ay pangkaraniwang may bahay at mananahing aba’

(aaa) How Soon?

The question how soon? begs for a simple answer
The motion is there that all goes in one direction so well
No opposing force except that all in cadence for good
No chance for a diversion of another opposite strong force

(aaa) Home At Last

Thousand of miles, seven seas away from you
Lies my aching heart astray longing for home
Dreaming to be a huge bird to spread its wings
Freely into the oblivion of the infinite blue skies

(aaa) Law Of The Beasts

The day has arrived when arrogance and greed will stand
Testing their might, force and power to bully a weak one
Attacking without warning killing all kinds of human on their way
Civilians, men, women, old, young and children, animals and all

(aab) Your Kingdom At Your Command? ? ?

A homely lady so queer so lonely but able to pretend
Pretending to be a lady for everything but wanting
Wanting on her miserable partner less life
Pretending life so full to her but walks always empty

(aaa) We Both Say 'I Love You'

I feel cold but when you are around I feel warm
I feel sad but with you at my side I feel animated
But that was before when you left me alone and adrift
But how could you do such a cruelty that you've left me

(aaa) A Year For For Striving And Not For Sighing

The year has ended (2011) a new year has to stay for awhile
A lot of guessing and feeling what the new year has to offer
Two people has to exist and will try to walk the ropes
The optimists and the pessimists will make their way to tread

(aaa) Women Why I Cannot Forget Them?

You make it stop...you step up and sit besides me and push more for space
The engines goes again and your long lovely hair touches my face
So sweet the smell of your fresh hair like lovely sweet scent of flowers
Your silky white face reflects the young age of a lovely lass full of life

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