About That Last One Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

About That Last One

i have to admit a Tome can be the
last piece of literature anybody want to read
although who cares righ?
i just have a modern form of it with a twist
and i don't do poetry cause Poe is not my teacher
i just type lines based on my people cultural pattern
and see this is the problem too for many who do not know...
we been speaking in syllables to the drum pattern
based on our art form traditional eons ago
all this poetry stuff came along just hundreds of years
and not thousands actually
we based our languages off of nature and the All
which almost every language to this day and night is still based on the "sounds and mathematics"
we put reason behind the pictures so eyes could burn the comprehension into the brain
as the brain can only interpret images...
so never be fooled by their art is supreme and all that and you are right or wrong based on their position of their ignorance and miseducation
never that...
stay educated and move around them
and if you want validation just go and travel
and that travel to the tribes even here will humble you all the way down where you will feel ashamed to even speak such mockery....

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: realistic
be real
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