Absence Poem by YURI DURAAN


Rating: 2.4

It is not in the goodbye
where my pain lies...
the hurt of the anticipated parting
lives in the sweet agony of
our being together

I cannot go home…
home is where the heart is and
my heart is not there
it has no residence but in
your hands

I’ll wait for darkness before I leave…
I will not turn on a light tonight
will not burn a single candle
I will not see the bed which is
still unmade

Mary Taylor 09 June 2008

nice piece............................

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Coach Roth 09 June 2008

And there is love...did you and I connect today on some psychic level...this poem perfectly justifies...the agony and ecstasy...beautiful...Coach

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 09 June 2008

Painful narration.........heart lies where home is.or home is where heart is. pain, love and seperation all put together in imaginative poem to touch all the lovers hearts.well written

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John Kay 03 April 2009

Yuri-another great image at the end. Are you sure you're not Emily Dickenson. I'm going overboard, but that's what I always wish for when I awaken in the morning. Your new fan, John

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 August 2008

Sensetive poem expressing love (?) in the form of grief.

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Catherine Rica Cosico 16 June 2008

Heart when settled in one's hand, hurt blooms when bidding good byes... Home is not a home when there's no love in the room cate

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Gerhard Knight 11 June 2008

Am I correct in my interpretation that the hurt is really for his return? Are you trying to avoid everything he usually complains about? Anyway I like - Thanks!

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Dewald Viljoen 09 June 2008

Soos gewoonlik, breek jy my hart...dit is waar...die pyn van totsiens lê nie in die wegstap nie, maar in die afwagting tot die wedersiens. In die verlange. In die wete dat die ure na more in hulle eie tyd verby gaan en daar is niks wat jy daar aan kan doen nie...baie nice.

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