Absolute Truth, A Dream. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Absolute Truth, A Dream.

An intelligent soul,
A sharp observer,
Had nature and man with and within him,
To know what was revealed, and yet to be.
To measure God’s merits
Had his prayers all duly sent,
Though tossed on tides of trauma
Had faith fully set on his Lord.
Neither Creator
Nor Creation
Were spared from views sharp,
As his edgy soul kept beating ON.
On Destiny, Chances,
Science and Myths.
Still had his senses set serene and solid
Though the flame often got puffed.
Above Aspirations varied,
Illusions and Intuitions,
Life struggled behind gloomy veils
Dreaming the dawn of truth absolute.

Bright Morn 19 October 2013

I read the poem and then Gul John's comments at the end. totally agree with him. he said what I was trying to say. very nice poem

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Xelam Kan™ 19 October 2013

And ofcourse the one and only Dr.Faustus.......

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Xelam Kan™ 19 October 2013

Remind me a classic Thus spake Zarathusra Nietzche's masterpiece... (You have penned Frankenstein, Prometheus, Don jon, or Hardy's Jude in very few lines.) so many classic figures i could see in your this vetsification. What could i say else.... just speechless

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Valsa George 19 October 2013

Though tossed by waves and tides, if there is a man still having faith in the ultimate Goodness, still hopeful about a new dawn of truth, who is a sharp observer of man and Nature, who has his own convictions and opinions about subjects varied with enough intelligence to discern the good from the bad.., he is a blessing to the world! ! You have drawn the image of a man of great substance and heroic proportions!

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Tajudeen Shah 19 October 2013

Request my dear Bards to review at their due conveniences. God Bless. Reards. Taj shah

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