A Tranquil Morning. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

A Tranquil Morning.

Rating: 5.0

Still and radiant backwater visage
Had adornments of morning majesty;
Fading off to the green inland.
Many a freshwater fish still in trance
By the mossy notch of water-cellars;
Their only not-so-safe shelter.
Tiny wooden snakes appeared
Rippling off the glossy, wave-less surface
On their course from the nocturnal labor.
Thin mist-veil slowly dropped on
The soft sod as the tender golden rays
Cast over the bright green leaves;
A celestial decree of scenic ecstasy!
Train still had her alert course
fleeing off such beautiful instances.
Acumen was found trampled
By the bare village feet since ages,
As the lilt of toil kept echoing ever.

Heather Wilkins 08 October 2013

a journey on a train a nice ride good imagery.

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Valsa George 14 August 2013

A beautiful description of the train journey on a tranquil morning, enjoying the celestial scenic beauty! A lovely poem! !

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Ramesh Rai 01 August 2013

beautiful write. is it the same about which you have written on mine

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Dave Walker 01 August 2013

A good poem, great work.

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Tajudeen Shah 01 August 2013

reflections of a morning train journey to Trivandrum, the capital of the Kerala State. dear Poets, what do you say, if we post photographs too?

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