Aging, Drops For The Time Tree.. Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Aging, Drops For The Time Tree..

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Aging is not sitting and settling in silence,
Nor is it wishing to be in tranquility.
The wonders one experiences, when
Seeing youngsters full of craving
Makes one do comparisons thoughtful,
Of life present and past one been through.
True, reactions to situations and emotions
Too differ based on factors varied.
Above one’s metabolism and preferences
Taste and Nutrition, availability and prices,
The company with whom we are too
Dictates excitement and craving in
Eating, Drinking, Mating, Forgiving
And all those inspiring instances of life.
My friend, a bard by nature, has had her view
Versed well seeing a dining scene.
Many would praise her diction’s mastery,
Content, Style, Passion and Imaginations too.
Sure, made us all engage in gathering beads
Of priceless past; to compare and conceive,
Regret and rejoice, console our selves,
Not to be panic seeing the aging, fated.
Her verses turned a priceless decoy,
When infused within, made us think of
Those still aged and of those turned stars!
Aging transforms babblings into maxims,
Makes us measure worth and gravity of matters
That do matter much in life composites.
Aging would only water the Time-Tree
To protect generations from dying unborn.

Upon reading Dr.Valsaji's poem, had my review posted. Thought of making some changes, and thus this verse is born. Please review and help refinement.
Soulful Heart 16 October 2014

i am going to try translate u will know whats my point of view thru my poem.....cud not get the other poem.(the time trre) ..plz can u paste the text of it my msg box so that i can try d translation.....

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Heather Wilkins 09 October 2013

there are many advantages to aging. like gaining knowledge. learning lessons in life and such. nice ink

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Valsa George 13 September 2013

So happy to note that my write has inspired you to write a beautiful poem on Aging! I do agree with your arguments; Aging has many blessings. It sharpens our intellect through experiences gathered all along our life's journey. Greying hair definitely commands greater respect and greater consideration.. it is a time of lesser responsibilities... most of all, for the womenfolk, there is an advantage of roaming with greater freedom without being scrutinized by prying eyes! ......Yet it is sad to think that the dancing days are past! A beautiful write, Tajudeen. For your information, I don't have a Doctor's degree, though I really enjoyed the extra feather, you fitted on my cap!

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