“acid” (To Timothy) Poem by Ray Lucero

“acid” (To Timothy)

Rating: 2.7

LSD better known as “Acid”
Can make you rave or rather flaccid

It's made crazed ones claw steep walls
Or run insanely through dark 'n dreary halls

Never meant for fun, for power it does hold
More bad trips than good trips, if the truth be told

Oh, Doctor Leary, why did they treat badly?
They closed the gateway to our minds
you opened up so gladly

They trashed your work ‘n rode you hard to ground
Threw you into lock up, like some mangy hound

Relentless, those that feared the gifts you gave us
Criminalizing your life's work 'n raising such a fuss

They were not ready for free 'n open minds
Nor free speech 'n thoughts of diverse kinds

A joker they made of you dear Tim
“He’s a kook” naysayers did decree
How could they know what 'acid' gave to you 'n me

Those that knew 'n loved you, can't thank you enough,
We valiant few who turned on, tuned in 'n dropped out
When times were plenty tough

Fledgling wings now lift you skyward as you learn to fly
You soar with eagles, Adieu old friend...good-bye!


Richard Wlodarski 03 June 2017

Ray, this is one helluva tribute to a brilliant mind. Some pioneers are never really fully understood. Nor appreciated! He was one of them. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.

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Robert E Hann 02 November 2007

Oh the stories we could tell....to sit around a campfire recalling memories of days gone bye. I spent time in Oregon...perhaps we've met in a prior life. HA! Please read my 'Purple Flying Monkey'. Best regards, Robert

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Michael Manners 26 April 2006

You R a god! Live like One! Long Live the High Priest Tim Leary! Great Poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! St. Sir Michael Manners

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Bengt O Björklund 05 January 2006

Hey! This made me laugh! As an old hippie with plenty of acid under my belt I know where you come from.

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