Act Of God

Rating: 3.3

I'm pretty sure, my girl
that your unconscious
and my unconscious
do want to get together.
And you and I, the hosts,
we cannot help
this mad desire,
as it is all
a matter of
and destiny,
and cosmic influence,
and, in the end
an act of God.

I ask you then
why you or I
when faced
with higher powers
ever would
stand in the way.
So, what,
my girl,
what do you think?

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 11 September 2005

I thin that was probably a very good pick up

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M M 13 March 2005

I guess we are supposed to add a poem so here goes. You write really well from what I read I can tell Your friend the preacher will always pray for you to write another day Word that say more than we read lines with meanings yes indeed a poem written by you my friend will einstein figure out how they end

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Sandra Osborne 09 March 2005

Almost as good as Allan's pick up line, but yours is more to the point.10

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dissatified exmember 09 March 2005

Wow another deep and very meaningful A ten from me......I have taken to telling you what I have scored as some mongeral keeps marking you down...! ! ! Hugs Jan

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