Ad Finem Poem by Heinrich Heine

Ad Finem

Rating: 2.6

The years they come and go,
The races drop in the grave,
Yet never the love doth so
Which here in my heart I have.

Could I see thee but once, one day,
And sink down so on my knee,
And die in thy sight while I say,
'Lady, I love but thee!'

Terry Craddock 07 January 2017

True Love Declares For My Beloved I Must Fight what a waste to let the years come and go to let to let the years drop by wasted until the grave what profit thee if thy love is greater than any other if thee but stare silent mute with a love unlike a brother; lying fellow sterile love wasting away in a heart not brave get thee gone in haste in flight see thy beloved this day is this not a season of love declared bold come what may be bold only a fool shivers away with a noble love untold; be romantic if it pleases thee sink down upon one knee make known thy stirring heart with sincere heartfelt plea love untold undeclared can never embrace set a heart free; what beautiful woman desires to see a handsome man die in her sight when the full moon the lover's moon shines be passionate love this night true love declares I will love only thee to be her lover must passion fight; Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Ad Finem' by the poet Heinrich Heine. Dedicated to the poet Henrich Heine.

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Terry Craddock 13 December 2016

yes the years come and go, as Shakespeare would say, much ado about the problems of saying 'Lady, I love but thee! ' is a lovers common plight

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Ratnakar Mandlik 13 December 2016

Simply superb love song as also it's intensity. Thanks for sharing it here.

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Rajnish Manga 13 December 2016

Lovely poem and an indelible expression of love at the grave of a beloved. Thanks. I quote: [[[ the grave.... while I say.... Lady, I love but thee.

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