Adopted Memories Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Adopted Memories

Time changes comfort into longing
By reminding us that all life has to end
It can break a heart to see them leave our family
Always sad to lose another friend

Oh for you the happiness shines deep inside of me
So where you go in time I shall surely follow
Live free, and be happy till I find you
Where in time all my best of friends must go

In life our joys are built upon our sorrow
From a past forgotten until the time we part
As I sing, you will hear me in your memory
A voice of love that will always touch your heart

Don't look back when they are calling
Can you hear the voices of yesterday
When you cross the Rainbow Bridge be happy
It won't be long before we once again can play

Yes, there will be a new tomorrow
Until then, I must bring another friend back home
To love as always, like the others
Because love is all a pet should ever know

I wish that life could exist forever
It seems to pass with never enough time
It's like the shadow of a sunset
That swallows the last flicker of the light

Take care and know I'll always love you
In my dreams I will keep you in my life
Like all the others that I still talk to
In the silence of the night


Adopted Memories
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