Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Adrift In Electromagnetic Fog - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Tis strange, this recurring
bout of melancholy
renders spirit low
far from jolly.
Adrift, adrift, upon.... Sargasso Sea.

Tis strange, this labyrinth monstrous,
recurring, phenomena bout signaling,
momentous wavelength melancholy.

Renders suppressed zoned spirit,
low, marginalized malcontent.
Far removed from thoughtless,

singular, jubilant jocular jolly.
A singularity of glowing erratic time.
Adrift adrift upon an ardent sea.

Conditions of time peace of mind
creative mood must be mystic met.
Stilled turbulent thought untuned.

Emotive compass spinning impalpable
impassioned needle still tumbling before.
First stroke structuring definitive pen.

If aware of what wondrous fay thoughts
run raging within activated mind. Firing
shock waves that hammer convulsively
throughout electrified touched fuse cells.
Imprisoned encased in illuminated vortex
personified. In grey ordered sentient cells.
Then would be a wormhole reality known.

How great is invisible disharmony ultimate
failing? How vast gulf between gutted creation?
That which! Was genome shotgun sequencing
frugally bought forth. Into exasperated existence.
Given halo decimated reality doldrums traversing.
An ocean paradox current bound without shores.

Unbounded quality
bordering inseminated being.
Languid failed breath
taken apprehended conception.
Remains a languishing
unbridged unspannable cavern.

Ruins writ attest
heightened inspiring verse lines.
Among dross
drained weighted tumbling meaning.
Forfeit fallen
remnant disproves visionary Godlike state.

Sextant sighted charted course
adrift, alost, in perpetuity, among
horizon-less, stilled, shattered waters.
Golden light glazed Atlantean globules
sparkling blue crystalline impenetrable.
Reflection off glassy gloss embossed sea.
Permeate imbue with sargasso matted dross.
Heightened expression is heavy salinity saline lost.

The rays, the light, within you, animated clay,
bound, stellar star dust, born birthed, in primal stars.
Time, is gravity magnetism; an atomic clock,
beats pulses, time faster in orbit, than at sea level.
Proving, the time space continua, is not constant,
varying, with stronger weaker gravity, creating scientific
supernatural; an enigma of unexplained forces,
classified, laws of nature, not taught at orthodox universities.
Time, is gravity magnetism; creates impossible,
manifests, occult science fiction, makes possible time warps,
inter-dimensional transition, wormholes, real
invisibility, electromagnetism, Philadelphia Experiment revealed.

The impossible, until then, cloaked in implausibility,
disinformation, rendered discredited, by movie television
versions, Project Rainbow, masked in multiple discrepancies,
no allegations, independently substantiated, to a satisfactory degree.

Operation Paperclip, The Hunt for Point Zero, The Bell Chimes,
mastering gravity, penetrating the very building blocks of matter;
studying, electromagnetic longitudinal wavelengths, of Nikola Tesla;
looking, squarely into the labyrinth of time space quantum vacuum.

Zero Point Energy, zero point energy oscillations at zero degrees Kelvin,
spontaneous emission annihilation of electrons, positrons originating in quantum vacuum, spontaneous invisibility in the active zone, equates to
electromagnetic fog aberrations, created by electromagnetism wavelengths.

Is there an unlimited potential
of electromagnetism on matter?
Where the dissimilar comes together,
yet individual materials do not
disassociate causing no displacement?
Like wood sinking into a metal bar?
Natures’ Bermuda Triangle, involving electromagnetism, ships planes, seized by a strange vapor, unexplained fogs settling over the ocean, all equipment gone haywire; vortices, magnetic anomalies, in space-time.
The Hutchison Effect, electronic fog,
disappearance, disintegration,
disruption of basic atomic structure,
fires, levitating objects, invisibility,
various wavelength fields interplay,
creates fusion of non identical materials,
manipulating building blocks of matter.

Cold melting metals, burning concrete rock,
levitating objects swirl, ascend, hovered,
even shoot off at incredible instant speed,
electromagnetism is spacecraft technology;
classified in wartime 1940s, like the 1930s
Farnsworth Fusion Machine; which caused
solid metal portions of created apparatus, to
transport during a number of repeated tests.

Stale air stale thought
no surviving thought
documented wrought.
Means no integration
science disintegration
begun of all we bought
through centuries wrought
nothing mainstream taught.

For every flower
to raise patent
petaled head
toward seasoning sun.
A thousand aspire
expire terms
raise withered
grow in vain.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 8, 2010

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