A Coin Of Little Worth Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

A Coin Of Little Worth

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I have seen and liked
silver coins stamped
in ancient Greece Rome

these usually carry the image
of supposedly great men
kings emperors face in profile

but their deeds were often
treacherous harsh cruel
wars these started for more
wealth slaves land to rule

my favourite coin
is a very small coin
tiny of little worth

that a woman with nothing
once gave at the temple
a very very long time ago

My Lord praised her
for giving all her livelihood
for giving more than

all gathered rich worshippers
combined because
proud rich gave a percentage

from all their amassed profit
a percentage calculated
based upon requirements of

law; but a poor woman gave
everything she had
based upon her own giving heart

it is written how Jesus sat down;
with the treasury chests in view
observing how the crowd dropped

money into the treasury chests;

many rich people were dropping in
many coins however a poor
widow woman dropped in only two

small coins which had very little value;

these coins became known as the widow's mite.

Jesus called his disciples and said to them

'Truly I say to YOU that this poor widow
dropped in more than all those dropping
money into the treasury chests; for they

all dropped in out of their surplus,
but she dropped in all of what
she had, her whole living.' Mark 12: 41-44.

For the love of God.

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Chris Jibero 12 July 2010

She gave her all! Our all is what God requires from us to honour us.

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Juan Olivarez 11 July 2010

The young man that told Jesus how he had observed all the commandments and ak how to get to heaven, Jesus replied to give all his possessions to the poor and the young man was very sad because he had accumulated a lot of wealth, is similiar to this but in reverse, George you always seem to open my eyes, thank you for this wonderful poem.

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Kesav Easwaran 10 July 2010

We have nothing to beg from God but have to offer to Him only the only wealth we have- our body and soul- the way Jesus has taught us by offering His soul first and sacrificing His body next on Cross for the benevolence of mankind A good meaningful poem with a truthful message therein...10

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 08 July 2010

true. nice sharing here... a poem with much truth

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Pranab K Chakraborty 08 July 2010

Touchy analysis of a bit historical truth blended with a soft and sensitive observation from religious parable, you have established the real hunger of humanity. Good poem for the readers of all ages. Very matured your skill for depicting the belief. Perhaps you have acquired the efficiency to be a poet of the mass. Thank you. Regards, 10++ pranab

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Catherine Yen 26 July 2010

This poem enlighten a pious heart delivering a true love to his/her beloved god. God or Buddha are actually the icons, they sat there are to raise our reflecltion, reflection is a genune truth that endows people to do it everyday, God knows who is the sincereist, and matter not how much you donate or render, nothing is better than a true heart, the original heart is everything, this is the base that makes the world peaceful and harmony, thank you for sharing for the good poem, love to read many of your poetry, brought the enlightenment and well-beings. Also hope you can read one or two of mine.. I came from Taiwan, great to know you.

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Prateep Sengupta 15 July 2010

Theme is excellent. Lines separated from the stanzas add deeper significance.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 July 2010

Generosity is not giving in what has in excess but in giving what has minimum Lord Buddha [LB] once asked to bring best offering to all …many brought many riches and so on…but one disciple brought a ragged loin cloth …LB jumped said it the best offering …asked where he got it…he said that …one old lady said please wait there I’m going to bushy area to give my only thing that I’ve…excellent poem…..B-2 … Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Okan Emanet 13 July 2010

I cannot find a suitable word for the comment on this spectacular poem. You really know how to express the feelings....

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Gianni Hsiao 13 July 2010

Hi, George you do a good job, some of your poems are nice to read, full of wisdom!

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