Adv. Moses Pinto - A Mother's Decree (Happy Birthday To My Son) Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Adv. Moses Pinto - A Mother's Decree (Happy Birthday To My Son)

He walks alone so proud and tall,
he thinks of none but of himself and The Lord;

he has no time to deal with love
he has with him the host of life;

he wakes up each day with miles of hopes
he walks swiftly to complete his goals;

he is the king of the rings and things he owns
he is the one who writes the articles and the books;

he has the law with him as his game
he has the profession with him as his goal;

he is the act and the actor of integrity
he is the upholder of justice and the truth;

he needs no friends nor enemies
he needs no wealth nor riches,

he has with him his intellect as his treasure,
he has with him his wisdom
and the love of his parents as his measure;

he has legacies as his might of inheritance;
he will live the last day of his life with gratitude to God
and to all those who revere the truth;

he has traveled the world so vivaciously,
he has seen many countries and cities
that his eyes and feet could traverse, till this day;

he is happy that he was born so lucky
he is content that he is so blessed and fortunate;

he does not know what the future holds for him,
he does not know how far and wide he will travel
as his journey of life and duty progresses;

but he will be here to uphold harmony and humanity;
he will fight every battle of justice
with the melody of prudence;

he abhors those who disrepute other's dignity,
he adores those who value equity and natural justice;

he is an advocate for virtues and merits
he will encourage those who deserve their privileges;

he will avenge legally those who destroy
other's tranquility and rectitude,
he will discard those who are deceitful;

he will seek honor for himself at the table of accountability,
he will uphold righteousness until his last breath,

he will walk with emptiness of sins within him that
even the door of heaven will remain wide open to receive him.

Adv. Moses Pinto - A Mother's Decree (Happy Birthday To My Son)
Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: birthday,birthday greetings
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