Adv. Moses Pinto - May My Blessings Be With You Forever Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Adv. Moses Pinto - May My Blessings Be With You Forever

My son will be a reflection of me,
he will silently shine like a star
to promote the galaxies of nobility;
he will tolerate and bear with patience
all the rainstorms and the tempest of times;
he will never fall weak or lose his courage
he will never choose to quit without a contest;
he will generate the truth cautiously;
like the waxing moon that moves
thro the dark clouds to cascade its light
though the phases of it vary everyday,
my son will also change his will power
to heighten his victory of truth.

Yes, my son will have the same fortitude I hold,
he will reveal the falsities and crimes of those
who hide behind sinfulness and walk with guilt
yet they take passion to point out fingers
to those who value and uphold moralities of life;
hence he will campaign for all what is honest and just,
no fear nor restrain will touch his grit
no command, no power will deter his wit;
he will soar with the wings of precision
to win his games of righteousness;
he will structure foundations of veracity
just like those solid pillars hold the skyscrapers;
he will tower so high to be so strategic
that even justice and courtesy will refuse to lose
the luster and significance my son will promote.

My son will engage himself to allot freedom
to those who are innocent and if they have
faced the drawbacks of equity,
he will work to overturn every decree of injustice,
he will hold pride for the worthiness he attains
yet he will always embrace humility as his ace;
and when he will touch those rays of fulfilment
he will look at the far side of the mountain
and he will see himself as a tree of prudence.

And though many may be those pursuits
which may yield incorrect judgments
and they may bring a sense of sadness in his heart,
he will never fail in his re-invention of justice,
he will seek amendments to throw light
in those corners which blind the veracity;
and in that precision of finding fairness
my son will not fail or stop maintaining
his own inner peace as he knows to dwell
with the pleasantness even in solitude
as his conscience guides him
to harness solidarity to those commitments
he selects to endorse and vindicate;
and in that final game of laws and rules,
he will either honor or discard
either propose or dispose friends and enemies
but he will never give up his faithfulness to God
as he was born to be and do with graciousness
what motherhood confers and destiny resonates.

Adv. Moses Pinto - May My Blessings Be With You Forever
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