Advantage Of Disguise In Business

just today after my meeting with the Ethiopian female about the start-up of a investment opportunity for food business
a 46 year old came across with the idea of exchanging one and thirty six cents of pennies for a dollar leaving the remainder in pennies
i said no problem
she further explained to me why
so i went to the store with those pennies
the store clerk slash owner was there on the floor restocking his cooler with can drinks
i remind you i have Petty Cash on me too
though i played the role without none
i had on my gym attire from working out
although as first impression plus stereotype
the middle eastern male about 35 years old
quickly inserted his prejudice with a hand gesture of "go away" as i asked him could i buy a soda for fifty cents
he said he would be willing to help me if i did not have the total for fifty nine cents
the promo is two for a dollar
from his facial expression to his demeanor plus saying "he doesn't need all those pennies"
as i stood there observing his whole stance of business mixed with prejudice
need i remind you he is Islamist
and a struggling business barely making it in that particular location
i said okay and walked out
his pride along with prejudice and no real business progression showed me his arrogance and intelligence and status quo and religious mindset within the local county....

Sunday, September 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
the business meeting went swell with her as i referred a website to her as we will go further into only family and associates with the investment club opportunity as we are looking at not making the mistake with in and out types no. Real proper class based on classism. Reservation only. Take out from another side of the establishment. Although first from home with no public sales just donations from who again? family and associates. Now the strategy is to use a brand of plastic containers clear. No styrofoam. So you can see your food clearly and keep your plastic to be bought back upon payment for more meals. Of course she will rewash regardless of the clean containers brought in and sanitize. Making our gathering of investors discreet and quick.