Affair Of The Heart Poem by cecil hickman

Affair Of The Heart

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A mere conception of enriched tender feelings of the heart,
Fixation of emotions that may quiet or tear you apart,
Formulas have been tried and found both true and false.
Another translucent affirmation of halting the beating pulse,
Interest of sexual demands or queries may or not be a cause.
Remembrance of lost lovers may quench desires with a pause.

Only lives waiting moments detail the wants and needs.
From out of the intersections of humiliating deeds,

Tell not of the sacrifices or criticisms that may come.
Hearing will defeat the words of wisdom, which will numb.
Emerging into anger and complete hatred for some,

Heartaches and windstorms have much in common to tell.
Each is troublesome for more then one, caught in the vale.
Amazingly the ending of each storm, may hush their wail.
Reinitiating a new beginning of nature’s affections without fail,
True affectionate love will endure the most horrendous gale.


This is a lovely poem with a great title. The line about heartaches and windstorms is so true. And of course, I so, so agree that true affectionate love will endure the most horrendous gale. I put more faith in affection these days then passion.

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Meggie Gultiano 25 October 2007

Very touching one..nicely penned..thanks for this, Cecil hugs, Meggie

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Dr.subhendu Kar 01 July 2007

Really lovely poem, i like it, well penned

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Melvina Germain 01 September 2006

A lovely poem, I like it very much---Melvina

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Sandra Fowler 11 August 2006

A poem of warmth and wisdom. Thank you for sharing. Regards, Sandra

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cecil hickman

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