His Prayer Poem by cecil hickman

His Prayer

Rating: 5.0

Our Lord, up in Heaven, we pray to thee.
For all blessings, that we all, feel and see,
Just thanking you seems never really, just.
For all the beauty, the life given from dust,
We always, seem so selfish, in what we ask.
We are never satisfied, asking for one little task.
Your love gave to us, for such a little return.
Constantly we ask, forgiveness, without discern.
Here is my prayer just for you my loving Lord.
That your glory in Heaven be rang out in accord.
That your honor and spirit is abundant on the land,
Your love and compassion grows lavishly grand.
That each of us, your children, learns complete respect.
Though we may be human with err, always suspect.
Our hearts should guide our minds, without anger in zest.
We should live by words given, by your only son’s bequest.

Meggie Gultiano 26 September 2007

beautiful prayer..i know the Lord above will surely answer! hugs, Meggie

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Melvina Germain 09 September 2007

Excellent prayer Cecil, straight from the heart, beautifully written, Thankyou so much for this wonderful prayer.--Melvina--

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Geoff Warden 08 September 2007

Very nicely done good Sir, I agree with Sandra and say AMEN....

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Sandra Fowler 08 September 2007

What a beautiful, heartfelt prayer! 'Amen' seems the proper response here. Warmest regards, Sandra

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