cecil hickman Poems

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From the mountaintops down thru valleys.
Excited, full of nature’s fury.
Flowing from west to east.
Like breath from a giant beast.

An Ocean Oasis

A vista touched by the hand of nature unsurpassed on Earth.
Now my imagination with my words take you to see it‘s worth.

Out into the horizon your eyes will see glorious Waves peaks.

Good Morning Lord

Good morning Lord, how are you today.
I sincerely hope; all is well, in everyway.
I myself am concerned and seem to be lost.
Not from you my father, your son the cost,

Affair Of The Heart

A mere conception of enriched tender feelings of the heart,
Fixation of emotions that may quiet or tear you apart,
Formulas have been tried and found both true and false.
Another translucent affirmation of halting the beating pulse,

Blind Faith

Within this eclipse of darkness, we overcome.
Our minds clouded in in a circumference of ideas.
Below us is the fiery temptation we all scantily avoid.
Our seas of life seem to be in a fury that we dispose.

His Prayer

Our Lord, up in Heaven, we pray to thee.
For all blessings, that we all, feel and see,
Just thanking you seems never really, just.
For all the beauty, the life given from dust,

Loving Voice

Gods loving voice, do you hear?
His love expands to us all.
Achieve forgiveness; not fear.
Listen you will hear the call.

Womens Heart

Women’s heart may be weak and frail.
They are also so strong and surreal.
Tears may flow from one point it seems.
Upon the other heroism appears real.

Soul Of Love

Sincerity and respect is the awesome key
That will acquaint all my love for thee.
My heart stands beyond infinity for you.
Besides, just your single loving touch will do

Lucid Dreams

My baron soul is lost
I feel it here in me
Still lost beyond
This life and the next

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