Good Morning Lord Poem by cecil hickman

Good Morning Lord

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Good morning Lord, how are you today.
I sincerely hope; all is well, in everyway.
I myself am concerned and seem to be lost.
Not from you my father, your son the cost,
I believe he died, for all our sins and mine too.
I believe, in his return, gloriously to us, from you.
These days and nights, I ponder, so many things.
I have given up on material wealth and blings.
I see so much hatred, in the entire world, everyday.
I hear about bloodshed, here on Earth, in everyway.
I know there is peace in Heaven; no wars just love.
I search each day, for a glimpse, of the fervor above.
I pray for humankind, to feel the harmony, which is you.
I say, my soul and spirit belongs to Jesus, so true.
I know, I have sinned, in the past, I pray no more.
Please forgive the one’s that do not, know the score.
They are the ones, that need you, much more then I.
I watch for his return, as you guide, from the sky.

Meggie Gultiano 23 October 2007

A beautiful tribute to our Lord, an awesome worship when you start the day with the Lord..thanks for this, cecil hugs, Meggie

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Melvina Germain 22 October 2007

Oh Cecil this is a precious and beautiflul prayer, I thankyou so much for it and will have it as one of my favourites.--Melvina--

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Reed Schneider 21 October 2007

This poem depicts the love of God. It is beautiful.

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