After The Rain Poem by Jim Yerman

After The Rain

I looked outside one morning as the day had just begun to see a grey sky overhead….dark clouds blotting out the sun.

Sadness seemed to blanket everything at the beginning of this day…the world seemed smaller…more confining as a storm was on its way.

Soon the sadness that had filled the clouds dropped to the Earth in rain…and I thought why the weather can change my mood…is difficult to explain.

Sometimes the rain makes me happy as I remember playing in it with Mom and Dad…other times when I am missing them…the raindrops make me sad.

The storm completed its visit around noon…and again…it's difficult to explain how the sadness I was feeling…departed with the rain.

Once the skies cleared and I could see the sun would be shining for a while…it's as if the sun took any sadness I was feeling…and replaced it with a smile.

What is this strange phenomenon I thought….what is the weather trying to say…perhaps that, in our life, there will be storms along the way.

And when a storm brings sadness…as some storms often do…It's okay to be sad…knowing when the storm is through…

the clouds will break…the sun will shine…and happiness will return…
Perhaps this is the lesson the weather wants us all o learn.

That yes, we will experience storms…but eventually all storms wane…
And we must decide if our life is to be guided by the sun…
or determined by the rain.

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