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Age- Bring It On! ! !

Rating: 4.5
When I hit 80 I'll wear pink……
And I won't care what others think,
‘cause I'll be old enough to know
that I'm the boss of me!

I'll dance without shoes- in the nude,
and no one dares tell me that's rude.
I'll swear and cuss and drink neat gin,
and when I've done I'll start again.

I'll braid my hair, what's left of it
and take up smoking finest ‘shit'.
A tattoo on my cheek I'll ink
and just not care what others think!

I'll get vejazzles done ‘down there',
And wear short skirts so people stare.
Go clubbing till the morning light,
eat, drink and smoke
Get really tight!

I won't control the things I say
I might even decide I'm gay..
I'll swipe on tinder left and right,
and partay every single night

So bring it on-I want to age
and move up to this crazy stage.
Life's boring when you must behave,
Cause being young makes me a slave!
Age- Bring It On! ! !
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: aging,age,humour
Sandra Feldman 09 April 2019
May I add, one of the best comic poems I've ever read. Sense of humor, torpedoed ahead. Rule Britannia, always knew how to bring humor to a lofty head.
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Lodigiana Poetess 09 April 2019
Wow I am knocked out by your lovely words and I cant deny feeling silly happy reading your words! Thank you so very much!
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Sandra Feldman 01 March 2019
A poem like this can change and torpedo our " conservative" traditions that already don't exist for the young! But bring it on. Time someone liberated, the old! Very well written, much humor and truth, rebellion at any age. Different, original and unforgettable!
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Mahtab Bangalee 28 January 2019
yeah its interesting thought- So bring it on-I want to age and move up to this crazy stage/// wonderful poem
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Lodigiana Poetess 28 January 2019
It is all a state of mind..think young and never age..enjoy each age in life but welcome the age of knowledge and being crazy! , , thank you so much for your comments and empathy!
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Robert Murray Smith 17 July 2018
There is a similar top 500 poem. I like yours. I'm five years off 80, doesn't seem long away now. I still run and cycle. So, perhaps I can write a similar poem in twenty years. ++10
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Lodigiana Poetess 18 July 2018
I will be looking out for your poem Robert and cheering you on! Thank you for your kind words and here's to growing old disgracefully! Lodigiana
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Chris Embrick 25 May 2018
Oh, I needed a laugh. I'm not 80 yet but I find that when you're younger you try to please too many others. Now, I live to please myself. And yes, it feels so good at times to get a little crazy and dance naked, sing at the top of your voice. The squirrels don't seem to mind at all. And thanks for your recent kind comments about my poems. I always appreciate them. And.....don't hurry old age; it gets here soon enough.
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Lodigiana 25 May 2018
Yes I know what you mean! I'm a way off that age also but I have found that the older I get..the less I care about the 'niceties'in life and it makes me strangely happy! I love the thought of maybe becoming a little eccentric...after all I was a hippie in my youth..maybe when we reach 80 we should set up a commune for the 'I'm living my life for me! ' community.. but happy to take my time reaching it in the meantime...Thanks so much for your comments Chris..always much appreciated x
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Great poem. I've gone the other way.+++10
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Lodigiana 18 May 2018
Thank you, it's the only way to go my friend!
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Paul Brookes 28 March 2018
Great piece i hope i live to see the spectacle very witty enjoyed the ride
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Lodigiana Poetess 29 March 2018
You and me too! ! ! I love the idea of growing old disgracefully and will try to make the most of it- thank you so much for reading and commenting and I'm so happy if it made you smile! . Lodigiana x
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Tom Allport 26 March 2018
a brilliant positive and inspiring outlook poem? wonderfully written Lodigiana.
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Lodigiana Poetess 26 March 2018
Thanks so much Tom..I know I shouldn't, but this one always makes me smile and feel energized! ! !
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Bri Edwards 20 March 2018
oh! i didn't copy and paste until after you put the apostrophes in, SO i don't 'have to' change it in the showcase. yay! :)
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Lodigiana Poetess 20 March 2018
Sounds like a positive result to me Bri!
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Bri Edwards 20 March 2018
(continued) ....just today i posted the beginnings of April's showcase and yours is the first (and for now the only) poem in it. i'll have to go back and put in the apostrophes! ! ! ha! bri :) hey! try to not let me forget about you. sometimes (often) i don't think to or i don't take the time to check out poets i like on PH. :) bri
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Lodigiana Poetess 20 March 2018
I will try not to let you forget..but just lately have not had as much free time as usual so not writing quite so prolifically....thanks so much for the April showcase..I'll look forward to that :)
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