All's Well Poem by Lodigiana Poetess

All's Well

Rating: 4.9

Starting afresh, eyes awake and squinting in the brilliance of morning sunshine.
Through the anonymity of darkness, sun battles the elements to rise…..
Rise it does!
Through the open window the sound of the morning lark, trumpets a new beginning.
Shattering the silence with the triumphant call of the wild, and having called, soars….
Soar it does!
Tearstains on the pillow, recounting the tale of a heart deceived and broken.
A once held belief that hurt so deep, so raw, so ravaging, never heals…..
Heal it does!
Glancing towards the mirror, touching a cheek once wet with pain and defeat.
Now with a bloom that promises a rebirth, a challenge facing a new life beginning….
Begin it does!
All's well …..

All's Well
Sunday, March 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: beginning,future,healing,hope,hurt,inner peace,life,overcoming,past,positiveness
Jazib Kamalvi 10 March 2018

A nice poetic imagination, Lodigiana. You may like to read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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Lodigigiana 09 April 2018

No sucker I wouldn't.

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Lodigiana 09 April 2018

Dear Jazib. I think someone has replied using a similar name to mine to say something not very nice..please be assured it was Not me.Thank you for your comments which I am always so pleased to get..and so sad that people like this do this sort if thing.xx

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Lodigiana Poetess 21 October 2019

Thank you so much Tamara for your generous words..I really do appreciate it so much! Lodigiana x

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Tamara Beryl Latham 21 October 2019

The tone and imagery of your poem are overwhelming. A peaceful serenity will overtake us if we see the beauty in each new beginning. The singing of the lark helps us to open our eyes to a brighter day. : -)

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Lyn Paul 09 April 2019

Refreshing words show that sunshine and the brightness of day is most certainly uplifting. Things can always change for the better.

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lodigiana 09 April 2019

What a lovely way to comment..thank you so very much xx

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John Frushour 09 April 2019

It's nice, and I loved it, but it doesn't rhyme, and has no meter, is it really poetry, like Kipling, Longfellow, Whittier, Service, or Ogden Nash would write?

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Lodigiana 09 April 2019

Thank you John and so pleased you enjoyed it.It is written in a free verse style the definition of which is that it is a literary device free from limitations of regular meter and rhyme and do not follow scheme rules yet still hopefully provide artistic expression.I appreciate your reading and commenting..Thanks again

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John Frushour 09 April 2019

It doesn't rhyme and has no meter, it is not poetry, it is prose.

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