Lodigiana Poetess Poems

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This Hand

It feels so small and fragile
the fingers lithe and long.
Translucent skin like gossamer,
a hand once warm and strong.

When Love Comes A'calling

I think love's like a stranger
who beckons at your door..
To let him in will change your life
now and forever more….

Tomorrow's Yesterday

How soon today is yesterday
and tomorrow is today.
It seems that nothing's fixed in life
and soon all fades away.

All's Well

Starting afresh, eyes awake and squinting in the brilliance of morning sunshine.
Through the anonymity of darkness, sun battles the elements to rise…..
Rise it does!
Through the open window the sound of the morning lark, trumpets a new beginning.

The Wolves Within

We sit alone prepared to feast
no thought to who partakes,
ignoring battles fought within
creating more heartaches


I heard it repeating,
that voice in my ear,
and wondered once more
if redemption was near.

The New Girl

Say my name - just say it....
roll the sounds around your tongue.
Fashion your lips - to expel the breath-to create the word...
Just once look my way, not in that' just having a look around' way but seek me out...hold my gaze....just for a second..but long enough for me to perceive it..

Age- Bring It On! ! !

When I hit 80 I'll wear pink……
And I won't care what others think,
‘cause I'll be old enough to know
that I'm the boss of me!

Feel Me...See Me (Turning From Abuse)

See my face know my heart,
see my fear torn apart.
See my face look at yours,
see your hands the hurt they cause.

Revenge -One Lump Or Two?

My love you're a crime scene I've planned from afar,
You don't know it yet..but my darling..you are.
Each morning you wake and lock the bathroom door,
and start humming tunes that I know you adore.

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