An Agnostic's Prayer Poem by Gary Witt

An Agnostic's Prayer

Rating: 4.7

He said I confess that I doubt.
I want the truth and have no desire
To whisper prayerfully into a hole.
So, neither believing nor disbelieving,
I wrap myself in uncertainty
And go out to build my world.

Besides, what is there
Truly to pray for
That Someone might answer?
For wisdom?
These are all fine, worthy, and important things.
But I doubt (I confess that I doubt)
That any may be given or bestowed,
And suspect they must be earned and deserved.

A prayer for Revelation? Perhaps.
But it seems a silly, presumptuous wish
To invite myself in with those called
And those chosen.

Pray for forgiveness? Or maybe Redemption?
I have my regrets and I have much to learn.
But forgiveness is something I hope to give away
Freely, and not really something to seek.

No, with humility,
Knowing (yes, knowing)
I'm just a speck
On this speck of a world,
I would ask Whomever may be,
That You do what is right,
In Your infinite wisdom,
As will I, the best that I can.


This is truly heartfelt, Gary.

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Tsira Goge 27 February 2008

Hello Gary, ' I’m just a speck On this speck of a world, ' Fine poems, for me it is not indifferent your philosophy..... Tsira

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Anna Russell 18 March 2007

So, neither believing nor disbelieving, I wrap myself in uncertainty And go out to build my world. Those lines really resonated with me - as I'm sure they will for many. A damned (pardon the pun) good write. Hugs Anna xxx

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Perfect irony! Masterful. I remember once teaching a philosophy of religion class centred on atheism and agnosticism and making my feelings on the matter (the latter camp) clear, and being called out in the middle to be told of a looming criss, and immediately praying. Kind of reminds me of that. Covering all bases kind of thing. The ending is particularly inspired. t x

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Gregory Gunn 03 May 2007

Gary, you are definitely serving up some rather choice & chewable comestibles for extended consideration with this offering. I am in total accordance with most of your presented postulates, but in particular, the 3rd strophe is spot on. Glad to have discovered your work here at PH. A votre santé, Greg

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Jim Hogg 24 December 2011

I've just read some of your work again G, and like the last time I found myself thinking: he keeps getting better, and yet, most of them are unchanged... meaning that I didn't fully appreciate just how good you were/are... Must come back more often... A genuine pleasure - just what poetry should be. jim

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Duh Huh 30 March 2009

Wow Mr. Witt, whether a person is a believer or not, there is nothing left to be said. Very creatively written and it addresses both sides of a religious issue with insight and wisdom. Thank you so very much for sharing :)

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James B. Earley 13 September 2008

An interesting summation to an excellent composition!

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Philip Housiaux 16 April 2008

This is a very fine write - the morality of the voice in addressing each possible prayer subject and the frank determined statement of intent at the ending have give good guidance whether devout or not.

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Don Mcwilliams 09 March 2008

A refreshing paean to doubting introspection in a world of militant certainty. Best, Don

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