A Most Delicious Strawberry Poem by Gary Witt

A Most Delicious Strawberry

Rating: 4.5

You have your game-face on again;
The don’t-mess-with-me face that comes
With its own combative attitude.
Not pleased with being pleased,
You seem incapable of a smile;
Not a cheek-aching, ab-cramping,
Incontinent belly-laugh,
But something as simple as a smile.

Can you scowl in the presence
Of a four year old wearing
A Halloween costume
With cape?
Can you frown under the patient,
Steady, brown-eyed stare of a
Labrador coveting
Your plate?

Have you forgotten how to savor
The simple strawberry?

The story goes, a man in India,
While walking through the woods,
Encountered a tiger.
Well, being a wise man,
And quite astute,
He precipitously turned
And fled.
The tiger, with his own degree
Of wisdom and perspicacity,
And with a feline sense of humor,
Gave chase,
Until the man came to a cliff and jumped;
No blink, no pause, just a leap,
And falling, grabbed onto a sapling.
Hanging there, feet dangling
(Like a participle)
With one fist wrapped
Around the most paltry of sprigs,
The man spotted a strawberry
Growing nearby
Which he immediately picked
And ate.
It was a most delicious strawberry.

Scarlett Treat 06 August 2009

Ah, yes, those little 'sweet things' in life that somehow we miss...and we are the poorer for having missed them! Great write.

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Andrew Blakemore 02 August 2009

A lovely story Gary, and a pleasure to read. Best wishes, Andrew

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Duh Huh 04 May 2009

I just totally love this poem. Its as delicious as the strawberry and i am taking it with me :) A definite 10 and now another of my favs. Thank you.

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That's so great, I loved it!

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Linda Ori 13 July 2008

Being analytical as I am, I'm wondering which hand he picked the strawberry with, and is he still hanging, or did he trade his life for one last delicious experience? A totally wonderful reading experience, juicy and luscious as that plump strawberry! Linda :)

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 08 September 2011

I have no idea why I am just reading this but I love it! A profound message I think... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Shadow Girl 10 June 2011

Nice writing good flow to it :)

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Chuck Audette 12 May 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed this cliffhanger of a story. 'Like a participle' made me laugh. -chuck

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Ruth Walters 20 September 2009

I wrote a poem about a strawberry once, I'll fish it out for you but liked this poem and especially liked the intro'. There are some people who just scowl at the whole world.... I despise that. Ruthy

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Zeinab Sherif 15 August 2009

mmmmmmmmm, a very delicious poem keep it up.10+++

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