A Most Delicious Strawberry Poem by Gary Witt

A Most Delicious Strawberry

Rating: 4.5

You have your game-face on again;
The don’t-mess-with-me face that comes
With its own combative attitude.
Not pleased with being pleased,
You seem incapable of a smile;
Not a cheek-aching, ab-cramping,
Incontinent belly-laugh,
But something as simple as a smile.

Can you scowl in the presence
Of a four year old wearing
A Halloween costume
With cape?
Can you frown under the patient,
Steady, brown-eyed stare of a
Labrador coveting
Your plate?

Have you forgotten how to savor
The simple strawberry?

The story goes, a man in India,
While walking through the woods,
Encountered a tiger.
Well, being a wise man,
And quite astute,
He precipitously turned
And fled.
The tiger, with his own degree
Of wisdom and perspicacity,
And with a feline sense of humor,
Gave chase,
Until the man came to a cliff and jumped;
No blink, no pause, just a leap,
And falling, grabbed onto a sapling.
Hanging there, feet dangling
(Like a participle)
With one fist wrapped
Around the most paltry of sprigs,
The man spotted a strawberry
Growing nearby
Which he immediately picked
And ate.
It was a most delicious strawberry.

Alison Cassidy 23 March 2007

I have seen this tale penned before, but never with such elegance. And the first half of the poem - which could easily stand alone - is personal and eloquent. My favourite lines are the four year old boy and his halloween costume 'with cape' and the labrador's stare 'covetting your plate' and best of all, the man's feet 'dangling (like a participle) '. Written with a compassionate heart and a twinkle in the eye, I love it. Warmly, Allie xxxx

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Tara Teeling 22 November 2007

Absolutely love this piece. There is so much to be gained by stopping to smell the...strawberries, or what have you, and maybe if everyone did, things wouldn't seem so dire. Your writing is engaging and seems to be effortless, though it hints at a sort of wordcraft which evades many aspiring writers. Easygoing wisdom is the most valuable there is.

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If nothing else, the title would have drawn me in. The strawberry may be the perfect fruit, ephemeral but delicious, like your poetry (although, not ephemeral, so maybe not like your poetry, but delicious nonetheless) . Peace, L&T

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Junior Pocoloco 10 February 2008

This is a Zen story with no ending. Each of us gets our own meaning out of it. To me the tiger and the eventual falling represent the two enternitys before and after our life, and in between of course is our short life the strawberry. Great job. Junior

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Tsira Goge 03 March 2008

Gary, ' It was a most delicious strawberry. ' _ It is delightful poems. Very tasty ending... Kindest regards, Tsira

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 08 September 2011

I have no idea why I am just reading this but I love it! A profound message I think... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Shadow Girl 10 June 2011

Nice writing good flow to it :)

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Chuck Audette 12 May 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed this cliffhanger of a story. 'Like a participle' made me laugh. -chuck

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Ruth Walters 20 September 2009

I wrote a poem about a strawberry once, I'll fish it out for you but liked this poem and especially liked the intro'. There are some people who just scowl at the whole world.... I despise that. Ruthy

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Zeinab Sherif 15 August 2009

mmmmmmmmm, a very delicious poem keep it up.10+++

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