Between Both And Neither Poem by Gary Witt

Between Both And Neither

Rating: 5.0

Stubbornly floundering
Between both and neither,
I am young for I still have heroes
Who have not been shamed,
Abandoned, or lost;
Old, for my heroes all have died,
And no one living seeks their places.
Still I smile, for unlike others’
Their honor has crystallized and remains,
A protective shell that even my own
Muscle-bound cynicism cannot pierce.
Still I smile, naively in search of new heroes:
A breed of blood, will, and intellect
To help me lash out at villainy
(Real villainy, not a caricature of evil)
And fight to the death
(My death, not a fantasy,
Do-over, binary death) ,
Knowing the battle is lost,
And finding that knowledge
Unimportant on all counts.

Alison Cassidy 10 November 2007

Words from a man in transition written with humility and intelligence. You talk of heroes, real heroes, not celebrities manufactured to replace them in this new world of spin and make believe. This is superbly crafted poem and combines a healthy cynicism with something deeper - born, methinks, from dealing with personal life and death issues. Love, Allie xxxx

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Raveendran . 10 November 2007

Very powerful poem; inspiring

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A perfectly titled, perfectly flowing erudite piece. For me, 'real life' in adulthood comes in finding the heroic qualities of those around me. They don't wear their underpants over their trousers, either. :) t x

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Ruth Walters 27 September 2009

To still have heroes, albeit dead heroes......a little sad, this poem, but valiant to the end. Ruthy

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Duh Huh 27 March 2009

Wow, certainly a thing of heroes. A fight for honor regardless of the circumstances and knowing the final outcome is defeat anyway. I like this poem, am gonna take it to my favs. We do all need new heroes, like you, i havent yet found any but i havent given up hope :) .

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Tsira Goge 28 February 2008

'My death, not a fantasy, Do-over, binary death, ' - Road г а р ы , you will not enter twice in the river... Kindest regards, Tsira

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Not a member No 4 22 November 2007

A brutally honest appraisal Gary? I see only good to great things in this, in both form and content. As someone who damns much of what goes on in this world because it has no foundation in worthwhile values/principles, because concepts such as honesty, integrity and justice are so widely ridiculed or beyond the comprehension of so many, I find the content of this poem very life affirming, supportive - like 'motive fuel' (Rand) . In a very few words for such a substantial undertaking, your view point is very well organised on the page, clearly expressed/illustrated, and reeks of the passion that went into its creation, especially in the stirring, resolute, no price is too high conclusion... It is pithy, potent, and moving. The sense of struggle - a central part of what it is to truly 'live' - is palpable, and in my book, the willingness of the individual (for heroism is at root an individual business as you imply) to struggle to live by one's values, to stand against injustice, for achievement - or FOR whatever positive value with defiant commitment - is the essence of courage, and the quality that sets the hero apart...They are still here... they are harder to see is all.. in this increasingly complex, distracting, energy and life absorbing world. To be so willing to set out your stall is in itself a pretty heroic thing to do in these times... So far as concerns its formal elements, you've rendered them almost invisible, which is the hallmark of the true craftsman.. the little technical touches can be seen when looked for: the subtle alliteration, the light internal rhymes, the nuanced music of rhythm which varies unobtrusively according to the point you make... all in all it has a rich and layered texture which serves to deliver the content as poetically and effectively as possible... . This kind of work is a rarity in this day and age. It goes against the grain in the most laudable fashion possible in my view... Excellent poem GaryWitt..900 points. jim

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Tom J. Mariani 13 November 2007

Powerful stuff. Young because you still have heros and old because they have died. - -'And no one living seeks their places.' If I recall correctly from my high school days, Ayn Rand went on and on trying to deal with this. I couldn't follow her back then. Thought she was talking about a train wreck. Stienbeck, of all the philosophers threw a couple of things at me in 'For Whom The Bell Toll.' Your poem brought them ringing back. 'Hay que aprovechar el tiempo' -You have to take advantage of what time there is.' AND 'Un callyon so salida' (if Hemingway and I got our Spanish spelling right) 'A passage way with no exit.' Also the song 'Superman' by Fivie For Fighting comes to my mind. Look what you have done wioth just one poem.

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