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Alankar(Decor) -125 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

Baited Dream(English Quintet)

The English Quintet is:
stanzaic, written in any number of quintets (5 line stanzas) .
metered, most commonly iambic pentameter, although meter is optional.
rhymed, rhyme scheme ababb, cdcdd etc.

Baited Dream

A dream put me to sleep in a pallace
On a royal diwan bed I was left
My dream dragged me just to heaven's terrace
And heaven pulled me straight to her arrest
Fancy colours waltzed around at their best

I held the dream so tight not to break me
But from west sun came signalling my time
Aliens some then surged to ready me
Perfumed I bathed perfumed I dressed sublime
'May be me there the queen', I dreamt in rhyme

Feasted dainty I got wreathed of a treat
Just in time my time came for them awesome
But my vision was blind to miss their cheat
It was my time for them planned well gruesome
Ere I could scent it I was chained wholesome

They all started laughing like a lion's roar
I was trembling baited by cannibals
Mindful my heart alarmed me of my gore
I urged a way out from those animals
Fleeing strength broke out against their verbals

Just then sun from east rayed his helping hand
That I could hold it tight to flee away
And I did so in no time to my land
Leaving me safe on my cot did sun say
'Fear not child, no more of a bad dream-day'

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