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Alankar(Decor) -180 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

Praises To Little Girl -Granny Sings(Ode)

The Ode (from Greek - aeidein 'to sing or chant') is a genre of poetry in which the subject is praised, exalted or favorably contemplated.. The term 'ode' is concerned more with its exalted theme than the structure of the poem.
The ode displays three qualities, focus on one subject or object, an extended and elaborated description of the subject and last, a celebratory or praising tone

Praises To Little Girl-
Granny Sings(Ode)

When the moon wanted to be blemishless
She begged the sun for more power
And the sun granted her some sunny sprays
Then the moon did with them a facial
And sponged her face with puffy clouds
Now ready to descend peeped at the earth
There! you were in our home little sweet!
A dainty breeze thence kept filling our breaths

And in the pool of our hearts
You've been a ravishing cherub
Poised on a lotus firm and divine
You've been growing up ambrosial
A lot to please us sweet
With your moony pranks and prattle
Kiddish to kid the elders around
Praises to you sweet little girl

And it's time now to sing your
Delightful manners
How people around find you

Our neighbours-
'O' she is an angel'

Your friends-
'O' she is lovely'

Your school-
'O' she is stupendous'

Our visitors-
' O' she is polite'

Your father-
' O' heavenly'

Your mother-
' O' heavenly'

And for me my sweetie
' O' boundless sea of nectar'

More so

Your aptitude-
' O' wonderful'

Your attitude-
' O' sharp and clean'

Your dancing-
' O' dexterous'

Your singing-
' O' mind-blowing'

Your ilk-
' O' decorous'

Let the world know this
You're my adorable star
Praises to you sweet little girl
Praises to you sweet grand-daughter
Hugs and kisses o' little grand-daughter
Ever from your dear sweet grand-mother

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