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Different Methods (Threesome Sonnet)

A threesome sonet is a quatorzain made up of
a cinquain, a quatrain, a tercet and a couplet

Three different things described in three stanzas of five, four, three
lines respectively to end in a couplet giving
an unique conclusion connecting the three different things

Written in iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme: for the couplet alone- aa

Different Methods

Sun is rising, birds one by one cooing
A morning symphony it seems to be
Letting out their bad energy this way
They ready their hunger for a fresh feed
A bird watcher's view says this way on birds

When the grey sky opens its red iris
He wakes to chant mantras and hymns so staunch
Thus ingesting positivity strong
Piety wards off negativity

What makes her roar day and night ceaselessly
May be, keeps guarding earth from cosmic foes
Ocean is the armour of earth this way

Sound has a birth right to sound as it likes
Only a healing sound creation likes

Note: This is my first attempt to invent a new form
of a quatorzain or sonnet.Amid so many combinations
of stanza pattern like 3 quatrains and a couplet or an octave and a sestet
and so on already written by various poets, this sonnet with a
cinquain, quatrain, tercet and a couplet struck my mind one day and I wrote one.
I have given the name 'Threesome' because of the three different things described
in the first three stanzas.

Monday, September 7, 2020
Couplet Poems: 208 / 500
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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 September 2020

I have never read Threesome Sonnet before. Today I have got chance to go through this poem composed by you providing the parameters of it like....threesome sonet is a quatorzain made up of a cinquain, a quatrain, a tercet and a couplet. Thank you dear madam for invention of a new poem as per your witty idea.

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M Asim Nehal 07 September 2020

Wonderful innovation of this new form, I shall try it at some point in time soon.10++

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