Alas Alone Am I Poem by Rani Turton

Alas Alone Am I

Rating: 2.8

As despair weaves a cocoon around my shadow
Alas, alone am I with my despair.
I had waited for these clouds to lift I had prayed
For these storms to cease
These deities I had tried to appease

By various diverse means; the day remained grey
The clouds did not move away.

Alas alone am I, and I tired, of constant
Conflictual battle; I do not have the necessary
Tools to open up wisdom's door;
Do not have the fierce strength to do that anymore.

There are cobwebs in my nightmares,
The night is peopled by strange shades;
Alas, alone am I, almost merging with the shadows

Dawn will come, I will walk in thy meadows.

Copyright: Rani Turton

Afzal Shauq 12 April 2010

you have your great ideas with you..yours and dreams behind.thats why you never can be alone..thats why your poems, like this one has meaningful write from heart..and target hearts..impressive way of writing

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Dulakshi Wakista 15 February 2010

Well expressed.I really enjoyed.I loved this last line 'Dawn will come, I will walk in thy meadows.'It gives hopeful and shows loneliness too.Great work.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 07 February 2010

The last punch line gave a new hope to the feelings of despair. Merging with the shadows and walking in the meadows is a dream-like state of loneliness, which is the destiny of every sensitive being. Good poem, Rani. Dawn will come and you will walk in the meadows. Naseer

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