And Eternity Did Not Push Me Away Poem by Rani Turton

And Eternity Did Not Push Me Away

Rating: 3.2

Starlight, moonlight, candles burning bright
Oil lamps with flickering wicks
All this symbolises night

In the noblest sense; in the sense of darkness
But soft darkness, not a terrifying void

I can see in the distance
A path that runs between trees
A hill slumbers nearby and has done so
For ages; when the statues come to life
When the goddesses dances on leaves

When the earth breathes but doesn't sigh
The mundane world fades away

Was I dreaming when I heard the trees breathe
And saw the goddesses dancing on leaves?
When the river spoke to me
Softly, murmuring secrets only we knew

Was I dreaming or was I awake when the breeze softly
Silently carressed my face
And whispered sweet things to my waiting ears?

There is a lieu nearby here they say
Strange things can happen to people who go there
They can see things that do not exist
They can speak in several tongues
And understand every language in the world

This strangeness attracts strangeness; I touched stone
And they seemed to respond.
The woods were a comfort, the earth was alive
To my questing feet. My body was free of earthly pain
My heart, for once was light

And the mundane world faded away
For more than an instant,
I touched eternity and eternity for this time
Did not push me away.

Copyright 2008 Rani Turton

Chitra - 02 September 2008

life and its tumultuous ways nicely done, the vivid imagery infact makes this journey less mundane

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Tom Balch 02 September 2008

This is the kind of piece I put time aside for, really lovely work 10+ regards Tom

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Rema Prasanna 01 September 2008

Rani, good work, eternity did not push me away, as always a refined one from you.. mundane world and its worries.....10

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Ency Bearis 01 September 2008

wonderful verses...lovely well penned piece....thanks for sharing... Ency Bearis

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Kris Smith 01 September 2008

That was a masterful piece of writing took me away, people can learn a lot from your work and that ever endearing heart thankyou my friend 10 Chris xx

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Ershad Mazumder 29 September 2008

Thanks rani for this excellant piece. Theme is very good. But you made it very narrative.You do not need so much words to tell the essence.

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Ben Gieske 11 September 2008

This is an enjoyable read. The first line got my attention and then the scene was set up. The metaphor of night adds mystery. What you say about the night arouses one’s curiosity. “I can see in the distance /A path that runs between trees” is very inviting for a walk. Right away I had the feel of walking along with you and wondering what would come next. The ending is superb. The journey is delightful with so many action verbs appealing to the senses. Nice use of descriptive adjectives which provide the right kind of feeling: experiencing something yet not everything leaving something more to imagine and think about.

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How magickal it must have been to feel that special innerspace.What joy.Love the poem.

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Ron Flowers 04 September 2008

Poetry at it's best. Ron

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Kesav Easwaran 02 September 2008

highly insightful thoughts that linger to eternity well brought out, in the poem...very good read 10

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