Rani Turton

Rani Turton Poems

1. This Moment Captive 4/6/2008
2. The Depth Of Longing 9/3/2008
3. Sixty Hours 11/29/2008
4. How Can I Say This? 2/4/2009
5. Revelations, Sobering 5/19/2009
6. Waiting For Tomorrow 6/28/2009
7. Shadows Like Sins: The Cycle Of Life 9/25/2009
8. Blurred 9/29/2009
9. Ode To Vijay Vine 12/3/2009
10. Wandering And Wondering 12/4/2009
11. Tears, I Told You To Go Away 1/1/2010
12. Your Fine-Boned Hands Are The Focus Of My Dreams 12/23/2009
13. The Woman You Could Have Loved 1/21/2010
14. My Soul, I Saw You 1/21/2010
15. Professor Higgins, I'M Not That Flower Girl 1/22/2010
16. If You Have To Leave 2/7/2010
17. When Miracles Come 2/8/2010
18. Deserts That Dance In My Mind 2/12/2010
19. Sometimes When I Forget 3/30/2010
20. Some Roads Lead Home 4/11/2010
21. When Mother Went, She Left Her Shoes Behind 4/20/2010
22. Now I Lay Myself But Not To Sleep 4/21/2010
23. The Sick Bard 5/3/2010
24. Walking On That Far Shore 5/13/2010
25. Everyday, While We May 6/1/2010
26. If I Tell You Not To Go 6/7/2010
27. In A Peculiar State Of Mind 6/27/2010
28. So Far 4/14/2010
29. The Anthology Of Rock In Your Head 4/14/2010
30. This Week, Empty Benches Beckon 8/2/2010
31. Until The End Of Mortality 9/6/2010
32. Poets In Their Melancholy 10/15/2010
33. Unbearable Sorrow 12/29/2010
34. Pretend, Just Pretend 1/16/2011
35. I Heard My Destiny Speak In An Unknown Tongue 2/2/2011
36. Whispers Into The Brick Wall 3/4/2011
37. The World And I 3/5/2011
38. Walk Slowly Through Bowered Lanes 3/6/2011
39. Through Those Lanes, Lost, I Wander 3/11/2011
40. If I Close My Eyes 4/4/2011
Best Poem of Rani Turton


Silence. Long moments that stretch into years.
Restrained words, sometimes gaps where names should be.
Words, prayers, songs, imagination inflamed by memory.

Emptiness, loneliness, the world, the void.
Look behind, look ahead, look straight ahead.
The world is indifferent to your pain.
The world is indifferent to your sighs.
Nothing will ever be the same;
Nothing will ever matter again.
Will anything ever matter again?

Absences. Like a long lonely lane in an eastern land
With closed doors against the afternoon heat
Questions that taunt ...

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Questions And Answers

Under a dripping grey sky
Sad, soaking, shivering and wet
I wanted to know why
Why and why and why
On that rainy day when you said goodbye
On that sodden day you went away
I had to walk on, forlorn.

Now years later under a metallic sky

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