A Niche For Me In Your Heart Poem by Rani Turton

A Niche For Me In Your Heart

Rating: 3.3

If you have some place
Some place you could well spare
Make a niche for me in your heart
To warm me within your space
I will never, never depart.

I will be more than a name and face
If you could grant me this grace
I would be more than a queen
To live in this honoured place
I would be part of your present
Not a part of your past
If only time would linger on
And make this dream last and last.

A silly poem it seems
But then, so are many dreams.

Original Unknown Girl 07 May 2008

Not silly at all, truly written from one heart to another. I loved the simplicity in your request. Lovely. HG: -) xx

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Duncan Wyllie 07 May 2008

Please do not question your authentisity, your words are beautiful Love duncan X

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Emancipation Planz 08 May 2008

Rani... have to agree.. do not belittlest.... niches are what make locks and keys in life fit together... (ok enzymes as well I suppose) ....

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Rema Prasanna 10 May 2008

I did not feel it silly, it is full of dreams and it emerges from aspiration, good feel in those lines, very expressive, well done

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Vidi Writes 11 May 2008

May be this is one of such Most aspired spaces Where dwell seems to be A great gain, a solace. Not a house, no lock and key The cost is not known But seems exorbitant. A niche, ever and ever Poignantly craved for Never known to happen. Delicately engraved one. Enjoyed it. Thank you.

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Adeline Foster 02 September 2011

Enjoy the way you write. I am sure you would like mine - Sonnet Beyond Love - Adeline

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Ravinder Malhotra 06 December 2009

Mercifully there are poets who write something that has substance and emotion adnd their poetry can be enjoyed. How do we at 'Poets of Delhi' invite you to our readings? .

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Meggie Gultiano 25 July 2009

I would be part of your present....I love this line, Rani. And mind you, this is not a silly piece.This comes from a very loving and sweet heart.. Hugs from here, Meggie

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Indira Babbellapati 16 January 2009

silliness renders more sweetness once one is in love...

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Sílvia Oliveira 08 July 2008

Dear Rani, I do like this one of yours! It touches my heart! Congrats from Brasil! Sílvia

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