Alive In The Skies Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Alive In The Skies

The range of pristine mountains before my eyes,
The verdant hues making the world dream in the streams of daylight.
Clouds, all over the sky springing from heaven's welcoming door,
Winds embracing our fates and unfurling the silver line in the blue skies.
What else could our hearts ask for more?

The whistles in the tea gardens,
The small growing branches with leaves of flavours;
Courageous enough to understand the plight of never ending wars where arms fought for glitters.
Shedding its dears every single day,
And stars sparkling as guardian of our lightsome bay.
Like tears rolling down in a flowing river
Without uttering what one needed to live for unnumbered years,
But pouring for hearts to make one alive
Here the mountains named them as the one strength
That gifted them the waves of life.
Butterflies rising and constellations of stars were peaceful joys
As fates approved us as a whole to colour our summer's skies.

Peacocks dearly voice is the blessings of good lord's destiny
Hearts pacing together dancing under the showering light was our first heard melody.
The music of the world is sung by the valleys of sunbathing tide,
Evenings and mornings welcomed hearts as the world was in their side.
Singing and shining in the fields of autumn's love,
Carefully safeguarding the children's of our dove.

The evening star rising as soon as the sun promised to write letters
The midnight rain shone on woods
Where my heart beats forever.

Crystals all over the foliages at dawn,
Diamonds sparking in moonlight's charm.
Regions of eternal souls, regions of acceptance by our mother Earth,
Regions of mountains meeting the serene sky by caressing the clouds in our hearts.
We shall live, we shall share the enlightened path;
We shall meet in the sky to love one another forever
As pearls in shells after the rainbows birth.

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